Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WWTK-Extra, Extra!

This week on We Want to Know, we want to know how much you know about the news.  So here goes:
1.) How up on current events are you? I stay aware of what's going one, but try not to over saturate myself.  Which is not so easy in this day and age when information is at your fingertips. We don't really have local news expect for a newpaper that we don't subscribe to.  And it's website stinks.
2.) Do you watch, listen to, or read the news? I like to read my news on the internet. We don't usually watch the news, most of ours comes from Denver and is not terribly relevant to us.  Where do you get it from? I will check MSNBC and YaHoo news for major headline stuff.  There are a couple of local websites that I use to keep up with local stuff.
3.) Do you use social networking to find out about world events? Not really.  I've found that most of the stuff that comes through social networks is highly biased. Not that the major news isn't biased, but on social networks the possibily that it's been altered is greater--it's like the old game of Telephone or Gossip, by the time it gets to me it has no real connection to what it was to start with.
4.) What is one news-like event that has happened in your city recently? Our college football team is doing really well this year.  Doesn't seem like much, but welcome to small town Wyoming (even if we are one of the larger towns in our state.) Close to us, but not, is all the flooding in Colorado.  The road damage alone will be impacting the area for the next year or more.
5.) Would you like to be more or less aware of things happening in the world? Sometimes more aware, but then when something does happen we hear about it to exhaustion and I don't care anymore.

So how do you stay up on current events?
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  1. I agree that when they talk about a topic TOO much, I just turn away. It's all too overwhelming.

  2. I find it frustrating following the news via social media because so much that you read is biased and you only get one side of the story and have to piece together the rest of it.


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