Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Random Musings

Made it through Monday.  I'm pretty glad yesterday is yesterday.  It was not so stellar a day. Onward to Tuesday! And the random:
  • Parents can make you crazy.  One of the chairs in our living room is showing some wear and tear.  My mother so kindly informed me that she switches her chairs around monthly to even out the wear on them. Yeah, I'd do the same if I didn't have an entire house to look after along with three other people. But thanks for the tip Mom.
  • Both boys got sick over the weekend.  Bruiser had a wonderful cough.  Turbo got a sore throat and was actually the sicker of the two.  They both stayed home yesterday.  Today, Bruiser goes to school. Turbo gets another day at home resting. 
  • Has anyone else found the Not Always Right site?  It showcases how stupid people can be. It is entertaining.
  • I am on my own this week.  Nick is out in the field looking at outcrops of the reservoirs we work with. He's having fun, staying in a hotel and eating out.  I'm at home with the boys.  Fun times.
  • Thullee is growing fast.  He's half again as big as when we brought him home.  Guiness is very tolerant of Thullee's enthusiasm.  We are getting better at the getting him outside to potty, and he's getting better at giving us some sort of sign he needs to go out. My carpets are very happy about this.
  • The laundry mountain was enormous this weekend.  I swear the loads were spawning in the dark.  It was nuts the amount I had to do.  And I still have sheets to wash.
  • I have to have another date with Jillian.  Probably two this week.  I'd prefer three, but the schedule won't allow for that. Especially with Nick gone.
  • And to show that even teh most protesting kid can be shot down but the tired bug:
  • And the puppy is oh, so loved.
So what's your random?  Link it up!
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  1. Aw, sick kids are never any fun and poor you, at home while the hubby is away, working but still.. Hotels, eating out. It's like a mini vacation for moms! And your mom is funny.. Yeah.. Let me play musical chairs with my furniture in all that spare time I've got on my hands.. Hahaha. - Yay you for sticking with Jillian. My time is coming.. Not with Jillian - she's irritating - but I will be on that getting healthy, staying fit train with you. In the meantime, you do serve as an awesome inspiration! :D

  2. Parents CAN make you crazy - your mother sounds like she might be a lot like my mother... I love her, but sometimes her tips aren't so helpful!!

    Hope your boys are feeling better soon. And good stuff for sticking with "the other Jillian"!! ;)

  3. I hope turbo feels better soon. Sick kids can bring the whole house down. hat puppy is looking huge!

  4. My kids will not just pass out when tired. We let them stay up a few weeks ago and it took Isaac until almost 11 and even then, he was in bed when he fell asleep. Elliot was up until after 12!

  5. Your Mom sounds like she would be very good friends with my Mom. My Mom is constantly doing things like that and it absolutely kills me!!!


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