Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fencing and Such

We had a busy, exhausting weekend. It started Friday afternoon.  We started dismantling our old fence around our yard with the intention of putting up a new one. It really needed to be done and we got some free fence panels from a friend and were recycling the material.  It was nice cedar fence, so score one for us.
It's snowy but you can see the old fence here.  Faded read stain/paint and sort of cobbled together.

The front part of that yard had chain link around it.

A nicer weather view, shows all the kinds of fence we had.
After redoing all of it and getting rid of the chain link, old fence and all it looks like this now:
In progress, along the neighbors drive.

We have a backyard again.

Off the deck, such a nice looking fence.
The front this morning.

We still need to build the front gate, but by the time we made it this far, we were done, exhausted, nothing more left in us.  But we are oh, so proud of what we got accomplished.

Our weekend was not all home improvement.  We did get together with friends a couple times. the kids got silly and found the costume box.
On a dare, we got a Turbo fairy, wings and all.

Bumblebee looks sharp.

 A lot of fun was had.  We also had lunch with the grandparents on Monday--yummy burgers.  And then dinner with another set of friends Monday night.
After baths/showers the boys went to bed last night after a full and productive weekend. but for the first time, Turbo didn't want me to come tuck him in.  Not that there had been much tucking for the last few years, but he still had me come turn off the light after he was in bed.  Last night he just gave us a hug and headed to bed.  I was a bit sad at that.
We still did the ritual Good night, Sleep tight, no bad dreams.  Parts of him are still my little boy. They are hiding in there and come out when I most need them.

So how was your weekend?  Do anything fun, or did you work like we did?


  1. It was a working weekend for me too but fun. You look like you had more fun! Love the Turbo Fairy! :)

  2. Lucky you to get some free fencing, I don't know about there but here in Belgium fencing is super expensive.

  3. The fence looks good!


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