Monday, September 9, 2013

Definitely Needed That

And here we are at another Monday.  Ours is wet and kind of gloomy with more rain promised all week.  I can live with that.  We need the rain.  And it's cooling things off here nicely.  I think I'm OK with it because we had a pretty good weekend. Busyish, but good.

Saturday we went to the tailgate party for the first home game for our university.  It was Celebrate Energy day and since our work had a booth and was offering free food, we took the boys to enjoy some tailgate fun.
Petting Cowboy Joe, the college mascot.

Cheerleader applied tattoos.

Cjeeky boy.

Bouncy slide fun.

Down he goes.
We then headed home and watched the game on TV.  Better with small kids.  The bathroom is handy and we can pause the TV if we need to.  Rewind too. And it wasn't hot at home and we didn't get rained on or have to deal with lightening. The weather was an interesting issue for the game goers.

Sunday was a get some mud on the tires kind of day.  We headed for the hills and took a drive.  It was fun to get out of town and introduce Thule to the mountains.  We had lunch by Mullen Creek and tried to keep Thule from eating any cow poop.  He thought it was quite fascinating.
Jones's lunching!
After we got home, we didn't do too much.  I made salsa with tomatoes and jalapenos from our own plants.  It rained.  And we watched old Topper movies.  A nice way to end a pretty relaxed weekend.
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! It's supposed to rain a bunch here this week too, which kind of annoys me and we don't need it! LOL.

  2. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I wish people tailgated around here... maybe in a few years, when we get our CFL team back, I'll finally get to experience it!

    The rain is doing the opposite here today... it's bringing heat & muggy weather with it. Booo. I'm ready for that chill to stay in the air!


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