Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WWTK--Fall is in the Air

We Want to Know time.  Up this week is fall.  It is definitely fall like here--rain, cold temps, shorter days--and I'm kind of digging it.  Not the rain so much, but the fall feeling in the air.

1. How do you feel about all of the pumpkin spice themed goodies? I'm OK with it--although it does seem a bit pervasive.  I will be making our Pumpkin pie bread soon.  That is when it is officially fall.  When it's cool enough to bake.
2. Do you have anything you do to prepare for the fall weather? Swap the sandals for shoes, dig out the sweatshirts and sweaters, when the weather permits, wash the outside of the windows.
3. What is your favorite fall activity? We have so amny things we do in the fall.  Go cut firewood, go hunting, process meat if Nick is lucky, but my favorite one is going to the mountains to see the leaves change.  The aspens turn yellow and they look awesome against the green of the pines.
4. Do you have any fun traditions around this time of year? With kids, the focus is of course Halloween.  Then Thanksgiving and the whole holiday rush. We do have a snow dance that we have the kids do before snow storms.  It makes the snow fun and not such a chore.
5. What is something you are looking forward to? Right now, making cookies with my mom, and hopefully Nick will manage to get an animal hunting, we really could use the meat in the freezer.

What do you feel about fall?  Grab the questions and link up!
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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  1. I kind of wish we lived somewhere where you - or I had a husband who likes to - hunt. I'd love some venison. Yum.

  2. I definitely wouldn't mind if my other half went hunting! A freezer full of meat sounds wonderful.
    Halloween is always so fun with kids! I can't wait :D

  3. My hubby is also a hunter but i dont eat it...great answers!


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