Friday, July 6, 2012

Confessions for Friday

Time once again to confess with Mamarazzi. Here we go:

  • I have started running for exercise.
  • I hate running.
  • But it's easy to do on a daily basis.
  • Crawl out of bed, put on running clothes, shoes and go run around the park.
  • I hate running, or did I say that already?
  • I've done OK at making meals for the fam this week.
  • Meal planning really works when you actually plan it out.
  • Who knew?
  • Bruiser does a mean air guitar.
  • Turbo isn't bad on air drums.
  • Both boys rocked out watching Katy Perry sing on the New York Fireworks show we watched.
  • We also watched the big fire fighting helicopter take off Wednesday morning.
  • The boys thought it was pretty awesome.
Goof ball.
There it goes.
  •  This has been the strangest summer so far.
  • Fires and smoke and heat--Oh my.
  • I don't know if I'm looking forward to what comes next,
  • Or if I'm scared of what will come next.
  • Either way what this summer has in store is coming.
  • Both boys need haircuts.  
  • We are going on Saturday.
  • And I'm out of confessions.
Go link up with Mamarazzi and confess away--I bet your confessions are more fun than mine.



  1. I have a rule about running, "I run when chased." Now, that I say that I do workout every morning for an hour and some mornings Nessa and I do a 2 mile run/walk thing.

  2. Ahh, I wish I could run. Actually, right now I wish I could get motivated to do ANYthing...even walking. Maybe next week. *sigh*
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The thing about running is you HAVE to get your mind in some kind of zone where you don't think about how much it sucks. Even I have been having issues with that lately, but I know I can do it. I sometimes come up with a list of things I WANT to think about while out there then go through the list, keeping my mind focused on that and not my knee pain, etc. It works!

  4. Fire trucks and helicopters are always a good way to keep boys busy.

    Good for you on the running and the meal planning.

    Happy Friday!

  5. It took me awhile to stop hating running. The first mile is always bad for everyone. Make sure you are starting out very, very slowly - like just above a fast walk. If you can't breathe, then it will be hateful forever.

    I do like the way I feel after I'm finished. Keep it up! You'll be running a mile in no time.

  6. I've been running for exercise, too, and although I can now run for a straight mile without walking, I'm beginning to think I'd rather walk, lol!

    Good for you for sticking to it, even though you hate running. ;-)

    BTW, your boys are too cute! ^_^

  7. Good luck with the running. I won't run unless there's someone chasing me.

  8. Good luck with your running. I feared for a horrible Summer since we had such a mild Winter.

    Loved the pictures of your boys!

  9. Good luck with your running. I feared for a horrible Summer since we had such a mild Winter.

    Loved the pictures of your boys!

  10. I hate running too. Mostly because it's...well...running.

  11. future rock stars in the making way to go girl running

  12. Good for you on keeping up with the running despite hating it. I have always found the firefighting interesting to watch, although I was never a fan of it close to me. Be safe!


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