Thursday, February 5, 2015

Spin Cycle--Birthdays

This week the spin Cycle is about birthdays. This is an easy topic as we just had a birthday at our place for Bruiser.  He turned 6.  My baby is 6.  OK, deep breath.  Moving on, moving on...
Bruiser got to celebrate his birthday three times.  Once with family, once at school and once with his friends.
Passing out rice crispy treats at school.

Presents with the fam.

Junior Scrabble.  I guess I'll be playing scrabble...

Birthday dinner, chosen by Bruiser.  Chicken strips, green beans, and home fried potatoes

Art party finger painting

Arm painting...

Modelling clay
He had a fantastic birthday.  It was a good way to celebrate the passing of another year for him.
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  1. Happy Birthday to Bruiser! Looks like he had a great time, and I love extending the celebrating into several events - my kind of birthday!! ;)

  2. Bruiser's art party looks fantastic! Happy birthday to your baby! :)

  3. Wow, that is one lucky kid. My kids only get one since the school does not want parents to bring in any food due to allergies. So my kids get extra recess or indoor games in the winter.

  4. Hope Bruiser had fun! Looks like it from the photos!


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