Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesady Hodgepodge--Random Mix

1. Did you watch The Oscars? How many of the Best Picture nominees have you seen? (American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash) We have seen none of those, but The Grand Budapest Hotel looks interesting and might be one we watch some day.  Not big new movie watchers.  We tend to catch them much later on disc.

Do you think actors should use their acceptance speeches as an opportunity to promote their political and/or social agenda? Does that sort of speech make you more or less inclined to change the channel? I'm not a huge fan of acceptance speeches.  Say thank you and move on. Yeah, not the generally accepted stand, but it not really the place to get political or drone on and on. So, I would definitely be more inclined to channel surf during one of those speeches.

2. Speaking of the movies... are you comfortable going to a movie alone? How about dinner in a restaurant (not fast food, but an actual restaurant)? The second half of this question was posed by Carrie who blogs over at It's Not Easy Being Queen. Thanks Carrie! I don't realy like going to the theater (I always freeze while watching the movie not matter what time of year it is and it's so expensive).  Going by myself holds no appeal.  I would go to a restaurant by myself, but I;d have to have a book or something to do.

3. What's the last home repair or home improvement project you had to pay someone to complete? In hindsight was this a project you could have done yourself? We had to call someone to come fix the furnace a couple weeks ago.  The repair guy told us what we can do if the furnace does the same thing again, but otherwise most home repair we (Nick) do ourselves.  A handy hubby is a fabulous thing!

4. Have you ever had Indian food? Like it or no? If you're a fan, what's your favorite dish? Have you ever prepared this yourself at home? Is there an Indian restaurant in your current hometown? I can't say I've had Indian food. It interests me, but I'd have to go light on the spice. I think we have an Indian restaurant, but I haven't heard great things about it and getting to it is not exactly easy--it's by the university dorms and parking it limited.

5. A song that reminds you of your parents? I never knew my father, but a song that reminds me of my mother...
My mother loved Chris LeDoux, a cowboy singer from Kaycee Wyoming.  He was a rodeo brinc rider and quite a good singer.  Her favorite song of his was Paint Me Back Home in Wyoming:

6. The 26th of February is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day. What's your favorite, or one of your favorite, fairy tales? Do you have any childhood memories associated with a particular fairy tale?  Hmmm, a fairy tale.  I have enjoyed the Grimm fairy tales, the slightly less sanitized versions.  But my favorite take in fairy tales came from Mercedes Lackey's series of the 500 Kingdoms that starts with the book The Fairy Godmother.  Such a fun and interesting twist of fairy tales.

7. What's a problem you solved yesterday? I'm not sure of I solved a problem yesterday.  We figured out what to have for dinner, but that wasn't a real problem.  Yeah, yesterday wasn't a problem solving kind of day.

8. Insert your own random thought here. Bruiser lost his first tooth.  It actually came out last Friday.  He was thrilled to be able to use his tooth fairy pillow that hangs on the door handle.  The Tooth Fairy was on her game and swapped the tooth for a whole dollar.  Brusier was thrilled.
His other bottom front tooth will be coming out very soon.  He's growing up so quickly, but he still gives some of the best snuggles.


  1. The only movie I'd seen that was nominated for Best Picture was The Imitation Game (we thought it was excellent), so I was rooting for it, but figured it would be Birdman or Boyhood that won it.

    I've thought for a long time that I need to learn to go to the movies alone, but I have yet to try it. I love going to the movies, but often have trouble finding someone to come with me. I had lunch with my mom at a local cafe last Friday, and she was 20 minutes late - the whole time I sat there alone was uncomfortable, I kept checking Facebook and Twitter on my phone just to give myself something to do rather than looking around feeling awkward. I need to work more on being comfortable being alone out in public.

  2. We don't go to movies either,seems too expensive.

    He looks so proud of his missing tooth!

  3. I love the age where children have the tootless wide grin. So cute!


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