Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random Things

Yeah, so the sicks are not done with our house yet.  Turbo is down with the nasty cough.  I tell you it's been some fun around our place.  Now on to the random:
  • I am so ready for more snow to fall.  See, we get far more snow in February and March than we get in December and January.  At least in town.  I like having it snow. And yes, I do get tired of it when it's still snowing in April.  And May.  And sometimes June.
  • This:
  • Insomnia has come to visit again.  I think the moon has something to do with it.  At least taht's what I'm gonna blame it on.
  • I'm getting some urges to get creative in the kitchen.  Not sure what to make yet, but I think I want to try some new recipes and have some fun.
  • I need to add this:

  •  I think this next weekend will be pretty quiet.  We don't have much planned.  This is not a bad thing.
So what is your random looking like?  Have a great Tuesday and random it up with Stacy.


  1. Apparently the sicks are making their way here - I'm on my way to check on Little Dude to see if he's going to need to stay home today, he's been coughing a lot last night and this morning. Princess Nagger is already down for the count today, so maybe I should just keep LD home anyway. It'd save a trip through the School Line of Hell. ;) Hope all of you are 100% soon!!

    I'm with you on the snow - I love snow. It covers up the winter gray with so much beauty. And yeah, if it were still doing that in May or Jun, I'd be tired of it. But January to April? Bring it! :)

    I LOL'd at your two images - I'm gonna have to share those. :)

    It's a full moon - that does explain why the hubby's been so restless at night (and keeping me awake because of it). Here's hoping we all get some sleep soon!!

    I love getting creative and playing around with recipes - I've been getting that same urge here, too. Maybe it's the winter-ish weather. Love to see what you decide to create! :)

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  2. LOl; some days, yes, I'd love if I could randomly hit all the people that make me mad. I'd feel so much better!

  3. knock knock on wood - the sickies visited us at the beginning of the week, but hopefully they have taken their leave for a long time now.

    I don't mind a bit of snow, but it was 3 times clearing the driveway today, and I am sitting with a heating pad on my back now. But wow -- even I don't have snow in June up here!


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