Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Random Tuesday

Yeah, Tuesday.  You would have to masquerade as a Monday.  Yep this morning our furnace decided that blowing hot air was so yesterday and cold air was much better. Not exactly what you want to have happen when it's 33 degrees outside.  So yeah.
In other random news:
  • Despite the cold in the mornings, yesterday afternoon was in the 50s.  Bruiser got out his bike and refreshed his biking skills.  He's got a bit to learn on the starting off side of bicycling, but he's not far away from getting it. Still, weather warm enough to bicycle in February.  That is crazy.
  • I got a good night of sleep last night.  I truly hope for a repeat tonight.
  • With how much video games have advanced, I remember this game:

  • I have many days like this:
  • So I get a girls night out tonight.  It may be needed depending on how the furnace repair goes.  Life and it's lemons can just go somewhere else and hope they can make the stupid lemonade.
How is you week going?
So what is your random looking like?  Have a great Tuesday and random it up with Stacy.


  1. Oof, sorry about your furnace. Our A/C went out one July, at the worst possible time. Then a few years later, the heater died in January. Never convenient!

  2. that cat poster - LOL.
    I need that on a T-shirt!

    For us it's a plumbing issue that stole away my night out! stupid leaky pipes. gggrrr.


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