Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Randomly Thinking

Yo, we made it though Monday!  Another Monday down.  Now we get to start aiming for the weekend.  But first, a few random thoughts:
  • And winter is back on here.  We had a nice run of 40-50 degree weather.  Thawed everything out quite nicely.  And then winter reared it's cold snowy head again. At least the cold came with snow.  I hate it when it's all brown adn cold.  White and cold is just easier to take.
  • I finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to Bruiser.  We read for 10-15 minutes before he goes to bed most nights.  So now we get to watch the movie and start the next book--The Prisoner of Azkaban. Bruiser is really enjoying the books.  Even Turbo listens in most nights.
  • This:

  • They have those Pop-up paint parties around here.  I'd love to go but most of them happen on the same night as Nick has his Trad Archery league. The parties look like such fun.  One of these days I'll make it to one with a friend, one of these days...
  • I have many days where I want to do this:

  •  The time change is in like two weeks.  I mentioned it this morning and Turbo was like so we lose and hour then?  I said not really.  It's more like they shift the hours so it's light in the afternoon instead of the mornings. Kind of like cutting the bottom of the blanket off and sewing it to the top of the blanket.  The blanket is no bigger, just shifted around. Turbo thought the time change seemed sort of dumb after that. I can't argue with that assessment.
So that covers my random.  What do you have?
Have a great Tuesday and random it up with Stacy.

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