Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi Monday!

After a busyish weekend, it's not so bad to see this Monday.  However, A kidney stone is making it's presence known and I am most decidedly uncomfortable.  It's not a fold me in half pain, but it hurts.
Now on to other news. Bruiser had a great time at his friends birthday party on Saturday then it was off for frozen yogurt with other friends. 
We tried to go out for dinner, but the chinese restaurant was closed for a family emergency.  So off for grocery store fried chicken and such.  There was not another restaurant option as it was Valentine's Day and everywhere was packed.  AND we had 13 people that we needed to sit.  So yeah, eating at home with a minimum of fuss and dishes seemed the best option.
Sunday was quiet.  I accomplished all the laundry--even the towels are clean and put away!  It's the put away part that amazes me.
And we have winter again.  It is cold and snowy here and looks to be that way for the next week or so.  Go winter!

Now on to MMMM.  This week is top 40 TV theme songs.
The Moonlighting theme:

The Dukes of Hazzard theme:

And last the M*A*S*H Theme song.  Yes, for the TV show they only used and instrumental version, but I like the original.
Have a good week.


  1. Hope things get better and great songs.

  2. I shiver at the kidney stone! I hope you pass/heal soon!

    Thanks for sharing and rocking with us!

    Get well soon!

  3. Three classic themes :-)

    Hope you get the stones sorted :-)

    Have a themetastic week :-)

  4. You have one that I posted. hehehe I'm sort of surprised mostly everyone has had no probs getting their tunes up. Cool, & rock on my friend! Thanks for joining us and have a rockin' week.

  5. I forgot about MASH. What a great song!

  6. YES, great minds! MASH is still one of my favorite shows to watch and I have seen every single episode at least once if not 3x.

    I must be having sympathy pains as I thought I was developing a nasty kidney stone too. ugh...feel better!


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