Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spin Cycle--28 New Things

So the challenge for the Spin Cycle this week is to list 28 things--anything, 28 movies, 28 books, 28 activities, 28 favorite foods, 28 things for a bucket list, 28 of what ever strikes your fancy. 
So what strikes my fancy? Well there's always books.  Books are safe, easy and no challenge for me to list.  How about I stretch a bit and pick 28 new things to try:
  1. Indian food.  I admitted yesterday that I have never tried Indian food. I need to try it some time.
  2. Visit a lighthouse.  The added bonus of this one is there should be a beach near by.
  3. Cook something french.  And not french fries.  Something a bit more authentic and complicated.
  4. Visit the Denver Aquarium.
  5. Go to a Pop-up Paint party.
  6. Go on a picnic with my Hubby as soon as weather permits.
  7. Have a theme movie night--match movie to food and such.
  8. Visit Idaho.  It's the one bordering state that I have not been to. I hear that there is some great geology there.
  9. Learn some French as Turbo learns it.  Since Nick speaks it It can't hurt to pick up a bit of it.
  10. Visit Canada.  I've only been to Niagara Falls when I was 12. A longer visit would be nice.
  11. Start Swimming for exercise.
  12. Visit a theme park with the boys.  Be it Disney or Universal.  Fun is the sun is definitely in order.
  13. Visit Hawaii.  Tropical, and I don't need a passport.
  14. Run a 5K.  I actually might do something like this this fall.  More a Mud run Obstacle course 5K, but it sounds more fun that just straight running.
  15. Take a moon lit bike ride this summer.
  16. Try a bold color for lipstick.  
  17. Or just wear make up more regularly.
  18. Finish watching Friends--I am currently on season 2.
  19. Try real sushi.  Nick loves it and I should give genuine sushi a shot.
  20. Take a dance class.  
  21. Take a cooking class.
  22. Make new scrap books for the boys.
  23. Get a pedicure.
  24. Play Frisbee golf.
  25. Go Geocaching.
  26. Take a day and bike to every park in our town.  Stop and enjoy something at each one.
  27. Get a tattoo
  28. Go scuba diving.
There, 28 things, mostly new, that I need to try.  It kind of works as a bucket list of sorts. Maybe I need to add these to my bucket list...

What's your list of 28?


  1. Yes to so many of these! This was a great list.

  2. I concur, great list! I need to do one of these - a list of things for me to do that I enjoy, since it's going to be a very busy spring/summer/fall with other things going on. I want to keep doing fun things for me too!

    And yay to FRIENDS!! I hope you love it as much as I have. I never get tired of Friends :)

  3. There's a lot of things on your list that I would love to do to! I'd love to wear lipstick more but it always wears off! I'd also love to try a 5K. I've never entered a real race before.

  4. What a great list! I was thinking, yes I want to do these as I read!

  5. I love your list of things to try. Surprisingly, I've done quite a few of them. One thing that really sticks out to me from your list is going to a cooking class. I think that would be great.

  6. I would love to do a mud run and pedicure. After a long hard winter, my feet need some pampering and sun!

    A regular 5K can be fun if there are lots of crowds or theme. I have tried the Santa 5K and Chocolate 5K which are fun.

  7. Looks as if you have some great fun ahead and a pedicure sounds delicious today.

  8. Great list! So many wonderful things to try here. I hope you pick three a month to do so that you can cross them all off by the end of the year.


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