Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Random thoughts for 2013

So Nick and I got to go out last night. It was pretty fun.  The last time we went out for New Years Eve was 12 years ago. We don't get out much. Any way, It's random time so here goes.

  • While we had fun last night it really seemed kind of like being at a high school dance.  The music was similar, the people similar, the only difference was booze was added to the mix. We had a good time, but the similarity was kind of ironic.
  • Now it's 2013.   No worries about the number 13 here.  The only time 13 has been a problem was when we had our 13th year in our house -that was the year the water heater crashed, the refrigerator died and we had to get a new furnace. Otherwise 13 has been sort of lucky.  My first office at work was numbered 13.  I ended up with a full time job there. Bruiser's due date was February 13.  He came early, but still, 13. We are so ready for 2013.  Now to see if it was a good year next December.
  • Now we are going to get our seafood on.  Since we didn't do it last night, we are feasting today.
  • It's been really cold here at night.  Like below zero cold.  It means the snow is sticking around, but still, cold!
  • And tomorrow we have to go back to work.  This break has gone by way faster than I expected.  Going back to work will be OK, but it's been nice to be home.  I wanted to read more but I spent the break reading Good Eats.  It made me cook some, but that's a good thing, mostly.
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  1. Happy New year may the year may it bring you all that is wonderful

  2. 13 is a lucky number in our household too. My mom's birthday is the 13th, so she always said Friday the 13th was a lucky day.
    Lucky-I love seafood feasts!

  3. Happy New Year!
    It has been cold here (for us anyway). We are going to light a fire tonight.

  4. That is funny your New Years Eve Date Night was reminiscent of being at a high school dance. :)

    13 has always been a lucky number here, too - Princess Nagger was due on November 13th (according to one doctor - another predicted the 20th - she split the difference and arrived on the 15th instead. Though now she wishes she did arrive on the 13th so she could have a Friday the 13th birthday). :)

    It's been cold here, too - not below zero (yet) but bone chilling for sure. I'm hoping for at least one really big snow storms - snow day worthy - at least once this winter... I know, I'm crazy. :)

    The break sure did go by fast, didn't it? I'm wondering if the quiet will be deafening. :)

    Happy New Year, Vandy! :)

    Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel New Year

  5. i'm not ready for the vacationing to be over. I enjoyed the time off from the go go go.

  6. I was born on Friday the 13th! :)


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