Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WWTK is Back and We Had a Birthday

We Want to Know is back with brand new hosts and questions again.  Kensie adn Scriptor are the lovely ladies who are hosting this fun little meme now.  And here are the first questions they are asking:

  1. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Chocolate--or maybe that's necessary.  Reading in the bathtub with a glass of wine.
  2. Do you actually keep your resolutions for the New Year?  I make promises to myself, less imposing than resolutions, but easier to keep.
  3. If you had to do one random act of kindness today, what would it be? I'm not sure, maybe helping someone do something they thought they couldn't?
  4. Do you have a bucket list, 101 in 1001 list, or any other list? If you do, what are some of your goals? I made a bucket list for 25 things to do before I turn 50. click the link to see some of my goals, a couple of which I've managed to accomplish already.
  5. Why do you love blogging? It's the connection to other people I enjoy.  I'm not so good at the face to face friend making, but really like blogging and meeting people and getting the face to face stuff out of the way.
And now on to the Birthday boy stuff.  Bruiser got up early and immediately remembered it was his birthday.  He said happy birthday to us, and we had to remind him that was what we say to him.  He got to open one present from a friend of mine.

then we had the grandparents over for dinner, cake and ice cream.  Oh, and most important to Bruiser, the presents.
He's four now.

The first gifts he got to open.
The next gift.

He got decorations and everything.

Opening the big present.
The workbench from Papa and Nana

He's a very happy four year old!
Since we couldn't arrange a party with other kids his age, we let him open presents all day long.  We did party hats and ice cream and cupcakes. He had a fabulous day.
I can hardly believe he's four now.  Wow have the last four year flown by.

Now go link up with Scriptor and Kensie for WWTK and let us know your answers.


  1. Wow, Bruiser is adorable!! Glad to hear he had a good birthday!! 4 already!!

    Glad to know WWTKW is back, I'll be taking part next week :)

  2. Happy Birthday Bruiser!
    Sounds like he had a great day.

  3. Hi I'm new here, just found you from WWTK. Looks like we have a lot in common. I am the mom to 8 and 1 year old boys. Look forward to reading more.

  4. Looks like a pretty sweet birthday to me.

  5. Chocolate is a great answer! I've always wanted to take a hot bubble bath and drink wine.. I'm definitely going to have to try it soon.
    I love the amazing connections I've made with people through blogging :D
    What an awesome birthday party! I love the workbench!!
    Thank you so much for linking up!

  6. What a doll! Happy Birthday Bruiser.

  7. Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday to your adorable lil guy. Man is he CUTE!!!

  8. Happy birthday to Bruiser! he is too cute!

    I love the combination of a hot bath, good book and glass of wine, pure bliss

  9. I can totally understand the not being good at making face to face friends!!! Found you on the link up. Hope you stop by.

  10. I really enjoy relaxing in the bath playing iPhone games! I feel like I'm doing something very dangerous- suspending my phone over a tub of water! So far, so good!

    I love how you let Little Man open gifts all day long!

    (Stopping by from WWTK!)


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