Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spin Cycle--Color Me...

The Spin Cycle Topic this week is color.  Any take on color you want. 
I was watching a rerun of Big Bang Theory the other day and they got to talking about colors and feelings. Raj showed up at Sheldon's apartment and said he felt blue.  Sheldon asked him why he was sad and Raj answered he wasn't so sad as lonely.  Sheldon stated he didn't know what color lonely was. Raj asked what he meant, and Sheldon explained (in his usual condescending  manner) that blue was sad, yellow was scared, red was angry and green was envious.  Lonely didn't have a color. After some discussion, they decided that lonely was orange. 
This got me thinking about colors and feelings and the colors I don't care for.  I'm not a fan of orange and yellow.  They are not colors I look good in, and they are not colors that make me feel good. Yellow is supposed to be a happy, cheery color, especially for kitchens.  Not a fan.  I like yellow when it's with other colors, but it can't take center stage for me.
As for orange--I like the darker more terra cotta colors and the occasional peach color, but it just doesn't do much for me.
Now my favorite colors are green and purple.  Green especially.  So much so that I was going through my sweater collection this fall and found that I had like 9 sweaters in varying shades of green.  I cleared out a few of them.  But when I got a new sweater before Christmas, it was another green sweater.
I like purple too. There is an healthy amount of purple in my shirt collection.  But then I think I look good in both green and purple.  You gravitate toward the colors that draw you.  On the other hand I have next to no yellow and nothing orange in my wardrobe.  What I have of yellow was given to me--I didn't pick it out.

So what is your favorite color? What is your least favorite color? Do you find your favorite color dominates your wardrobe?  It sure does mine.
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  1. I remember that episode of Big Bang! haha!

    If I'm going by wardrobe, blacks, greys, navy blues, pinks and purples dominate for sure. I'm also not a fan of orange. I used to say yellow was my favourite colour, but really it's not. I'd have to go with blue or pink!

    Sorry I've been away for so long... I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  2. Well now I don't think orange is the color of lonely. Maybe a particular shade of blue. Like, instead of saying "I'm blue", lonely could be "I'm periwinkle". I should write for Big Bang.

    You are linked!!

  3. Isn't it totally crazy how a color can make you feel, even just by thinking about it. I love yellow, it has been my fav since I was really little, however I almost NEVER wear it. I have green eyes so I like to wear purple. I love me some color, I can't wait to lose some weight so that I feel more comfortable standing out again. LOL

  4. I'm actually watching that episode right now, creepy...

    Cleaning out my closet a few months ago made me aware of how much red and black I have in my wardrobe. Oddly enough green, my favorite color seems to be reserved for all of the items in my closet that seemed like a good idea at the time but don't see the light of day very often.

  5. RED! RED! And more red.. But.. The red with the blue undertone not the orange undertone. Makes a HUGE difference.

  6. Oh, that Sheldon, he makes me laugh!

    I wrote about green, too. :D

  7. I'm a big fan of red, but I hope that doesn't make me angry :-)


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