Monday, January 7, 2013

Post Holiday Downtime

Last week was a short one, but Friday was much appreciated. We didn't do much Friday evening but relax. Actually we didn't do much all weekend but relax.

Saturday we went to the grocery store, Turbo gamed out all day, and Bruiser went to his first birthday party. We won the grocery game in that we stayed in budget.  I got my pillows washed, and then after unsuccessfully trying to get Bruiser to nap, I packed him up and took him to the party.  He had a good time. And since he didn't nap, he was totally ready to go to bed early. (Actually we were ready to have him go to bed early as the cranky, whiny, annoying kid was really getting on our nerves.)
 We all kind of went to bed early.  I tried, but then a sleep walking Turbo got me up. It was a short interruption, but sleep eluded me for a while.
Sunday started early, but I got roasted chickpeas made, we experimented with hummus, and made meatballs.  A productive day after all. I also made apple doughnuts/muffins.  Fun in the kitchen is always productive.
Oh, and Nick brewed up another batch of beer on Saturday. This batch tasted good before fermenting and I think it will taste even better after it ferments. It was a wheat beer.  Now the happy little yeast are turning sugar into alcohol.
There's lots we could have done, like finish painting the front room, work on the electric in Turbo's room, work on the electric in the front room.  But the do something bug did not bite this weekend. I did pick up some areas of our house, the kitchen, Bruiser's room, the living room, the bathroom.  Not my favorite activity, but necessary so the clutter doesn't over take the whole house.
So how was your weekend? 


  1. Totally didn't want this weekend to end. Dragging today at work, which is bad. And completely jealous of your success with groceries. I struggle with that one all the time!

  2. Hey, Happy New Year! Sounds like a great weekend to me!

  3. I want to come hang out with you on your down weekends. Seems chill. :)


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