Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Randoming It Up

So we survived the very cold temps here on Monday.  The day started off at -21F.  Quite frankly, that's way too cold. We warmed up to a balmy -1F by 3pm.  With any luck today will be much warmer.  On to the random:

  • Does anyone out there really get this Minecraft game?  Turbo loves it, but it makes me sort of stabby when he plays it.  It looks basically pointless.  Any explanation would be appreciated.
  • I won the laundry game this week.  Well, almost.  The towels still need folding, but I got everything else washed, folded and put away.  That counts as a win.  The only household chore I hate more than the laundry is cleaning the bathrooms.  I get that joy soon enough, we need to repaint the upstairs bathroom and do a bit of finish work in there. 
  • I'm still stressed about the talk I have to give next week.  Next Wednesday night will be so much nicer--the talk will be over.  My supervisor is really helping walk me through creating the presentation, and he will help me with it as much as he can, but I still hate giving talks.  At least the group will be smallish. 
  • I will be gone for three days next week.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I leave Tuesday.  All the way to Dallas, then back home.  Two nights in a hotel.  It will be interesting to be the one away from home instead of Nick.
  • I made my first meatloaf last night.  I've cooked ones my mom assembled, but never made one of my own. This one turned out quite tasty.  I think the next one will have some antelope in it.
  • Bruiser really wants to play video games just like Turbo does. He's not quite got the skills yet.  It's not really easy to find simple games that he can play.  
  • Bruiser turns 4 in about two weeks.  4.  Exactly where has the time gone?
  • With any luck Brusier is moving forward on the potty front again.  He is so five steps back three steps forward, then another three steps forward and five steps back.  Making progress is so slow.
  • Both boys need haircuts.  Bruiser wants one, but Turbo is thinking about letting his grow some.  At least right now he wants it to grow.  Give him a week and he'll want a buzz cut again. 
 So there you have it. Random Tuesday thoughts.  Go see Stacy for more.
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  1. Oy, not missing those temps. LOL. I do like the crispness of frost on the trees as long as I'm next to a cozy fire. :)

  2. OMG! That is WAT TOO COLD!! I think I would die! Have a great trip. Staying two nights in a hotel should be fun. :D

  3. I like meatloaf but mine always turns out too dry. I may try to make this one that has ham and mozzarella rolled up in the middle.

  4. Jude and all his friends love Minecraft too. I'm all for it, really, because it's really creative - they build things and little worlds. It seems fun. I want to try that antelope meatloaf! I can't believe Bruiser is 4 either! I always think of him as a baby. Have fun in Dallas - should be much warmer there!

  5. I thought I liked cold weather, but apparently I just like the cold weather we get in CT. I couldn't survive in your temperatures. :(

    I didn't win laundry but I'm not about to concede so we'll call it a tie.

  6. I need to go fold laundry, but blogs are so much more interesting. I hate bathroom cleaning too, and we have 3, ugh!

  7. I don't understand Minecraft OR WoW?
    -21?? That's ridiculous.

  8. Wow! Funny how weather works, eh? We were balmy and warm all weekend while you guys were freezing... Our temps are dropping again now, but we lost a LOT of our snow over the past few days. Makes me sad. I'd rather have the snow in January than melty spring weather!!

  9. Okay that is all kinds of wrong with that cold! I bet you will do great on your presentation. And enjoy being all by yourself for a few days- that actually sounds pretty nice.

  10. Ugh. Laundry is the worst. But I would rather clean the bathroom than vacuum OR sweep!

  11. The laundry war is ongoing here. I don't know how large families survive. Poor Moms!

    I'll take my record breaking temperature of 87 yesterday over your cold any day!

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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