Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Quite a Relaxing Weekend

So this last weekend was not exactly a relaxing one. I'm still a bit stressed about my talk.  OK, a lot stressed about my talk. It's sort of looming over me and I won't feel better until Wednesday at lunch.  It will all be over then.
Friday night was nice and quiet around our house.  We hung out and I tried not to think about the Talk. Bruiser tried to take me out by leaving a monster truck on the stairs. I stepped on it and my foot went out from under me.  It was the third step from the bottom and I had a hold of the railing, but I wrenched my right shoulder pretty good.  My right shoulder hates me right now.
Saturday both Nick and I got hit by a bout of insomnia and were up at an ungodly hour.  4:30am to be exact.  Nick painted more of the front room, and I zoned, but couldn't go back to sleep.  I napped later, but before that we grocery shopped.  I then took the boys for haircuts.  They went form Shaggy impersonators to cute little boys again.

Saturday evening we had dinner and games with friends and it was a lot of fun.  Uno Attack, Slam, and Taboo were up and we had a great time with them all.
Sunday, Nick went ice fishing with friends and I stayed home with the boys.  The Talk is always looming over me right now so I was up early and stressed all day. My shoulder hurts and I'm not really thrilled with anything right now.
We have today off, but are still sending Bruiser to the sitter, we paid for it we might as well use it.  We plan on taking Turbo swimming, and then I might make cookies.  I've got to leave them with something while I'm gone.


  1. What is your talk about? Are you presenting?

  2. I find that the better I know my presentation subject the better. Read it as much as you can. While you don't want to read it or recite it by rote you do want to know it well enough to be able to engage the audience with eye contact. Trust me, that alone will get them to forgive a few flubs.

  3. Love the cuts, Turbo's is really fun!

    I'd totally send mine to daycare if I was already paying for it too. Smart, very smart :)

  4. They look handsome with their cuts!
    I'm laughing at you almost getting taken out. I read it and then let it sit before it came to me what you meant and I lol'd.

  5. The boys look cute with their hair cuts!

    Good luck on the talk!!

  6. Don't you want to send some of those cookies over to me?

    Your talk is going to go well, you'll see

  7. Your boys are adorable! And I hope you're feeling better soon and I'm sure the talk will go just fine.. :)


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