Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spin Cycle--Clean Up

The Spin Cycle topic this week is Clean.  This could go any of several directions. Clean house, clean up, clean mind, clean body, spring clean, clean.
For me, I think about clean and I think about cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, clean laundry, cleaning.  Not any of which I really like doing. Oh, I like the results but I dislike my having to be involved in the process.  I'm getting better at keeping up with the dishes and I have a two week system with the laundry.  The bathrooms get cleaned when they need it.  I really should put them on a system, but don't exactly feel it's urgent to do so.
One type of clean I do enjoy is the first shower after a camping trip. Nothing feels quite so good. I like taking long soaking baths, but those aren't for getting clean any more.  Those are for sanity.
There is talk of clean air and pollution.  We happen to live in an area that has next to no pollution, unless there's fires in the mountains.  Otherwise our air is clear, clean and generally very dry.  It's the dry tht gets us in the winter.  Lotion is flowing freely at our house.
Clean.  Not a thing in large supply with little boys.  Mud, dirt, sand, grubby boys.  It's a good day when they need a bath before bed, even if they had a bath the day before. I do enjoy snuggling up with a clean, nice smelling little boy post bath.
Now I get to start teaching Turbo and Bruiser to clean.  Turbo is almost tall enough to do dishes.  He's been keeping his room clean for almost a year now.  The hermit crabs help with that.  Not the actual cleaning, but he sort of got in the habit and I keep him up on it and it doesn't get really bad before he's cleaning it up again. Bruiser will be doing more soon.  If I can get him to cooperate.  He's got a very obstinate attitude.  Or he just plain stubborn.
This has been a sort of all over post.  Clean doesn't bring to mind much in the creative vibe for me. Clean is necessary, but not exactly glamorous.  Or even wildly interesting.  It's just clean.
Go see Gretchen for more clean posts.  Gee, that sounds like I was all dirty with my post.  Now that could have made for an interesting post. Not really, I'm not that brave.
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  1. AH! That first shower after camping is heaven! You are very good with getting your boys cleaning. We go through phases when Jude is terrific about keeping his room tidy, but then things slide. It's bad. I need to make sure he knows how to clean so he doesn't end up like his father!

    You are linked!

  2. Oh man, I love the shower after the camping trip.
    I used to love,well i still do, CLEAN sheets on the bed.
    I'd be all,"Oh, nothing better than CLEAN sheets!!"
    and my husband would totally roll his eyes at me every time and thought I was lame. I think I quit because of that. He's so mean. ;)

  3. Absolutely on board with showers after camping trips and clean little boys.


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