Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spin Cycle--Bring on Winter

Gretchen thinks we are far enough into winter to have something to say about it.  We have been in winter since early December, but had snow in October.  Winter comes early to these parts and stays late.

I don't mind it mostly, as long as it looks white outside. I do like snow and snowy days.  When it looks like winter out, it's easier to deal with freezing temps.
I'm not a huge fan of ice, but then I don't know many who are.  We have plenty of ice around here, conveniently hidden under a layer of snow. You have to be careful walking, because the snow/ice combo will  put you on your butt faster than slipping on a banana peal.  And the snow/ice combo is a lot easier to find right now.
We did have very cold temps Monday morning, like -21F.  My car didn't want to start that morning.  Nick's truck started. I can't say I like it that cold.  I, however, don't like it when we get unseasonably warm in January either.  It's wrong to have 50 degree weather here in January and February.  20s and 30s during the day is average.  Single digits and teens at night.  Totally normal.
I really want it to snow again, but as January is a dry month usually, I'm not sure we will get another snow storm before February rolls around.  I don't want it to snow next week, since I have to travel.  Or if it does snow it needs to do it Tuesday.  Doesn't look promising right now.
We enjoy winter activities, provided there is enough snow to go do them, mainly cross country skiing, but sledding and snowman building are high on the list.

When you live where we do, if you don't go out during the winter, cabin fever will really mess you up.  So we started both boys early with outdoor stuff in the winter.  Next winter, provided we get enough snow, both boys will be in cross country skis. Then it will be a family affair to head for the hills.
Do you like winter?  What to do you to combat cabin fever?
Go see Gretchen for more winter spins.
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  1. I don't mind snow but when it heats up and it melts and then freezes over night that sucks.

  2. -21??? Oh man, I've been complaining about it being in the 30s! I guess you get used to it, and are prepared. And the cross-country and the sledding look excellent! Stay warm!

    You are linked!!

  3. I LOVE the snow and all things winter! It's why I live in northern Michigan and why I'm contemplating a move to Alaska.. We've always gotten out and romped in the snow.. It's my absolute favorite time of year! - I love all these pics. Next year it's snow shoes for us! :)

  4. I think I love every season at it's time, but I really am a fan of winter! I LOVE snow. We've been having a weird winter so far - a good dumping of snow around Christmas, then we had our "January thaw" and a lot of it melted... the past few days have been SUPER-cold (-25 celcius), but it's to warm up again this weekend. I'd like to get some cross-country skis. We used to ski as kids, but I haven't done it in years! I'd also love to own a snowmobile, but unfortunately that's a pricey hobby to have, and I can't afford it.

  5. Sure is pretty! I love the snow, although not once it starts to melt then turns brown from the dirt, then it looks gross & yucky.


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