Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Tuesday

And the flu has come to our house.  Turbo is down.  Now to hope that Bruiser doesn't catch it. He really doesn't need the flu for his birthday.
On to the random:

  • Having sick kids stinks.  The first part where they do their lump on the couch imitation is no fun, but the point where they are well enough to feel good , but not well enough to go to school really sucks.
  • I need to bake again. We need cookies, brownies sound good, and I need to think about making zucchini bread.  Maybe chocolate zucchini cake. Yep, I need to bake.
  • Who's looking forward to the Superbowl?  I'm looking forward to snacking and hanging out with good friends. Oh, and the commercials.  Although the commercials the last few years have been less than interesting.
  • Bruiser turns four today.  He's very excited.  Mostly about presents. He also wants cupcakes. That may take some doing. Or at least a trip to the store. We have ice cream, but he wants cupcakes too, so...
  • We got snow yesterday.  About two inches.  It was enough to make it all white outside and to make is slippery, very slippery. I hope we get more snow, we desperately need it.  Or next summer will go up in smoke like the last one.
I think that about covers my random for this week.  Go see Stacy for more Random Thoughts.
And join up with Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday.
Seriously Shawn


  1. Last year, for Elliot's sake, we declared Super Bowl Sunday National Junk Food Day. So we're gearing up for a bunch of Doritos and chips and cheese, and I am probably going to make a chocolate cake.

  2. JR has a whole menu for me to make. For just him!

    Happy Birthday to Bruiser.

  3. Happy Birthday to Bruiser! 4 is a good age. :)

    Having sick kids does suck - more so because you feel bad for them and want to do whatever it takes to make them feel better. Hope Turbo feels better soon -and doesn't share with his brother.

    I've been thinking I need to bake something soon, too - though when the weather gets balmy like it's going to be today and tomorrow (63+ in January?!) it negates the desire to warm up the kitchen even more. ;) Though now you've got me thinking I NEED to make some brownies.

    We only got about an inch of snow yesterday followed by annoying freezing rain - super slippery and PN had a snow day that wasn't the fun kind, because she (and I) are hoping for a GOOD snow day where we can go out and play in the snow and build a snow man. :) Here's hoping we both get that before winter ends!

    Wishing for Snow, Valentine Unicorn Bouquet, Sore Throat Remedy – RTT Rebel

  4. I've been super disappointed with Super bowl commercials. I probably won't even watch this Sunday since Match won't be home til it's over.

    Oh wow happy birthday Bruiser!

  5. We had a slippery day here yesterday too. Happy birthday to your little one!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! I bake weekly in my house and while I love the smell (and taste) I totally feel like I'm getting fat so I upped my fiber intake to offset it. Sick kids are the worst. they're adorable when they're snuggily but I'm always afraid I'll catch what they have.

  7. Happy birthday to Bruiser!!
    Hope that Turbo starts feeling better soon - my son had the stomach flu for a week and it was miserable.

  8. Happy 4th Birthday!!

    The sickies haven't hit us yet but we've also been staying HOME and avoiding everyone that we can think of. I'm not a big fan of cleaning up puke.

    We have been in the 70's. In January. It's so weird.

  9. not into football but the chocolate Zucchini bread sounds good

  10. Uggghhh I hate that feeling of knowing that sickness is lurking & it could take down any of the kids at any moment. Hope Bruiser escapes & I hope Turbo isn't down for long.

    I'm excited for Superbowl, excited for yummy snacks & soooo excited for the commercials... probably only commercials I diliberately watch every year, I otherwise usually just fast forward through them. LOL


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