Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Tuesday Stuff

Monday is done.  It's one day closer to the Talk.  I know I'm going to do fine, but I'm still very nervous. Now on to the random:

  • I'm really tired of hearing I'm not happy, I want to do something cool, I'm hungry, That doesn't make me happy from Bruiser.  You'd think he was 15.  Sadly he's not even 4 yet.
  • Bruiser gets the goofy juice today so his tooth can be capped.  We shall see how it affects him.
  • I am looking forward to getting a bit of reading in while on my trip.
  • Have you noticed that Facebook is asking questions?  I keep getting 'How are you doing Vandy?' and  'What's going on, Vandy?'  It bothers me that Facebook is trying to be concerned or show "interest" in me.  I much preferred the 'What is your status?' question.
  • On the potty front, there's not been much forward action. We are in a holding pattern, quite literally.  I'm not sure he will ever get the whole thing figured out.  Oh, eventually we will, but it doesn't look good right now.  It like he was only going to the bathroom because Santa was coming and after the big guy's visit he decided that he didn't have to any more.  I'm about ready to give up.
  • Turbo has started swimming lessons again.  He's happy.  He also gets to sign up for an after school club again.  He did cooking last time.  This time he's thinking science, or maybe Computer Adventures.  They are run by the school and he really liked the cooking club stuff he did last session.
  • Why are little boy games so violent?  There's fighting, maiming, crashes, general mayhem.  Maybe it's just boys.
  • Turbo has really expressed a liking for science fiction. He liked the classic episodes of Star Trek we watched last week, he like The Matrix and Independence Day.  He has not really protested most Sci Fi stuff we've showed him.  
Send good thoughts my way tomorrow morning as that's when I have to give my talk in Dallas.  By lunch I'll be done with it. Hope your week is going well.  Go see Stacy for more random Tuesday Thoughts.
And also go see Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday.
Seriously Shawn


  1. FB is stalking you....creepy! FB isn't showing the same in terest in me, thank goodness!
    Ww, I was going to say that your four year old sounds like my 15 year old, LOL! Although she's been better lately....

  2. It does seem that all boy games are violent. I think society is afraid to have more tame things because it might make them less tough... or something. I think that's all in the parenting anyway.

  3. I have never understood why boys are so violent. Everything turns into hitting, punching, etc. Aw well.

    And good luck tomorrow! Safe travels and hope the talk goes well! I'm sure you'll do awesome!

  4. ha! I enjoy reading my friends' statuses on FB when they are telling it to F off. "How am I feeling, Facebook? None of your damn business!!"

  5. yay on getting in some reading and sending good thoughts to Bruiser for his dentist appointment

  6. My 7 year old went to the dentist with his dad this morning but I haven't gotten a report yet because he went to school after and I don't want to bother Ryan at work. There's talk of laughing gas in his future. We'll see! Good luck tomorrow!

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  8. Oh I wonder if he'll have a Daniel Dentist moment. If he does, be sure to video tape it! :-)

    Lol, yup sounds like boys. I think it's just their primal instincts.

  9. Princess Nagger needs the goofy juice at the dentist, too - otherwise it's major Drama Queen mode that's quite stressful...for me! :)

    Good luck with your talk tomorrow - I'll be sure to send you lots of positive vibes! :)

    Facebook is being a little stalkerish, isn't it? :)

    Bribery, Cracked Eggs, Xylophone Fun and more – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  10. Oh my gosh I totally agree with the facebook thing. It is kinda creepy right! Leave me alone & let me say what I want!!

  11. Good luck! I know you will be great!

    Also...I am insulted. FB never asks me anything other than the generic, "what's on your mind?"

  12. You're probably done by now!
    FB is lame. :)

  13. Hello, I'm your newest follower! Found you at the TTYT blog hop! I feel the same way about facebook! They're not my psychiatrist so I suggest, quit it!

    Good luck on your talk!

    Follow back? :)



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