Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Recipes?

In an effort to expand our culinary outlook, I made a promise to try new recipes this year.  These don't need to necessarily be dinner recipes, snack and lunch recipes count.  Expanding my lunch options would be a great idea.
I thought a way to keep myself accountable would be to blog about what I make.  I'm not turning this into a food blog, but I want to share what we've done.  Everyone can use tried and true recipes.

I got Alton Brown's third Good Eats book for Christmas.  After reading it I wanted to try the roasted chick pea recipe that made a crunchy snack. My first attempt was tasty but I didn't soak the chick peas long enough so they were more rock hard than crunchy.
I tried again and after soaking them overnight, they roasted up quite nicely and are oh so tasty and compared to store bought snacks, lower in salt and preservatives. They are a hit with every one in the house and I find myself grabbing a handful when I head through the kitchen.
Not bad for a first try.
Monday night I made my first ever meatloaf.  I've cooked meatloaf before, but my mom had assembled them and I kept them in the freezer until such time as I wanted to cook them.  I had never made one myself.  It turned out really good.  Even Bruiser had seconds of the meatloaf.  No pictures, because, really, meatloaf doesn't look all that great in the pan and it was gone before I could take a picture.
I used breadcrumbs and eggs and milk and it was moist and tasty.  Next time I'm mixing antelope with beef to make it--cuts down on the fat.  Definitely one that will be repeated.
I do want to try to do this a couple times a month--share new recipes we've made.  This will help me continue expanding our food horizons.
What have you made that's new?


  1. I'm also trying to expanding my healthy cooking arsenal and hope to blog about my adventures. I just made this amazing veggie stew that I wasn't so sure about but ended up knocking my sock off.

  2. The only thing I've made so far this year that is new was roasted brussel sprouts and they turned out fantastic!

  3. I was quite in shock you had never made meatloaf before...a new first! Yippee! Love my meatloaf!

  4. I have a new Italian pasta dish I tried this pass Dec it was such a hit i've made it twice more I'm trying to learn how to cook for freezer meals so I can have back up

  5. I tend towards culinary creationism. I take a recipe and change it up with the ingredients I have on hand. Most times it turns out great and sometimes it flops. One never knows. I made something I'm calling Mexican twice baked potatoes the other night that was really good.

  6. Seriously, I can never make pictures of food look good. EVER.

  7. I like sharing the odd recipe, I've made some great meals thanks to reading other people's blogs!

    I still need to find that perfect meatloaf recipe, though. I've tried unsuccessfully to get it right!


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