Monday, January 14, 2013

Snuggling In

This last weekend was all about staying warm and avoiding cabin fever.  With the weather handing us below zero temps at night and hardly out of the single digits during the day, outdoor activities were not really an option.
We had snow on Friday, not much but enough to make everything very slippery. We got kids home and we got a fire going and had roast chicken for dinner.  Chicken is always a hit at our house.  Then we snuggled up in front of the wood stove and watched silly movies.  Spaceballs and Airplane.  Sometimes you just need goofy movies.

Saturday, the boys went to Papa and Nana's house.  Nick and I got teh grocery shopping done and came home and had quiet adult time in the house.  We repotted some plants, cleaned the kitchen and living room, vacuumed, and got dinner in the crock pot.  We had good friends (who happen to be family) over for dinner and Turbo got to have a sleep over with his cousin.  We hung out, watched some football, and enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches.
Sunday was a slow start.  It was very cold outside and we all sort of settled into comfies.  Turbo played video games, I finished the laundry, Nick kept the fire going.  We watched a movie with his folks in the afternoon, then continued watching movies and sort of cobbled together dinner.

It was a very slow sort of weekend, not too fast, enjoyable.  Weekends like this don't come around all that often. Most seem too rushed.  But this one was nice.


  1. Relaxing weekends are the best :)

  2. I like lazy weekends but like you said they don't come around too often.

  3. Ahhhh I love me a lazy weekend. I wish I had them more often though!


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