Friday, December 28, 2012

Review Extravaganza--Final part of 2012

And now for the last review of 2012.  October, November and December are up.



  • Not a whole lot happened this month--other than you know Christmas, which I haven't even blogged about yet.
  • We went for firewood.
  • I shared what annoys me.
  • We put up our Christmas Tree, which we went to the mountains to get.
  • Which led to a large purchase.
  • I shared a good Christmas Memory.
  • And I reviewed the past year this month.
Well there you have it, the last quarter of the year.  Go see some of the other reviewers.


  1. Those are great Halloween costumes!

    I've always wanted to go to the Mountains to get a tree.

  2. That is our dream truck! I've been dying to get one for Match for awhile now. We only have one kid safe car, our Jeep Cherokee, and the crew cab Silverado is perffect. Plus then he wouldn't take my pretty jeep hunting and get carcasses all over it. Ewwwww. Hopefully we'll be able to get one in the new year!

    Looking forward to your Christmas update!

  3. You got a new truck. I was all, "Oh, I wish I could get a new car..."
    But then. I got bit in the ass and we're gonna HAVE to get a new one. Now I'm sad.

  4. Love the Halloween costumes and the fact that they posed with them! Very cool!

  5. I'm in agreement on the tree deal-- I'd love to go hunt out our tree in the woods and bring it home. I think it would be so cool... love the truck and looking forward to the new year!! hope yours starts off great!

  6. I had missed the Christmas memory one- I can't believe your step-dad! But so glad it seemed to work out even better. That sunset picture is so beautiful! Thanks for recapping with us all four weeks :)

  7. I feel like we didn't do a whole lot in December either; it was all prep!


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