Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spin Cycle--Once Upon a Christmas

The Spin Cycle this week is about a favorite Christmas memory.  Most of my childhood Christmases blur together.  It was immediate family time and staying home mostly.  But for a truly memorable Christmas I only need to think back 19 years ago.  Nick and my first Christmas.
We had met in college in the spring semester in German class.  We moved in together when school started in the fall. I planned on spending Thanksgiving with his family and going home for Christmas.  My car had other ideas.
Nick and I were heading out of town to go shopping when my front axle broke.  Five days before Christmas, two days before I was supposed to go home.  A trip of about 300 miles.  So no quick trip. The part to fix it would not be available until after Christmas.
My step father would not let my mom come down to get me so I could be home for Christmas that year.  Nick had been planning on coming up the day after Christmas to spend time with us and my step father thought that it was OK if I came home then.  He was a prince of a guy.
So the up shot of all this was that three days before Christmas Nick's folks got the news that Surprise, I would be here for Christmas after all.
I was immediately invited to the family Christmas party and treated like a real welcome addition.  It was fun.  And Christmas morning they had gifts under the tree for me and everything.  I felt truly welcomed by his parents and that started several traditions that we still observe.  Christmas eve drive to look at lights, Christmas breakfast with the family, Christmas eve at Papa and Nana's house...
Now for pictures:
Our very first Christmas tree.  A bit Charlie Brownish, but lovely all the same.

Opening Christmas gifts Christmas morning.

Nick and I at his folk's house Christmas morning.  We look so young.
So that is the memory of Nick and my first Christmas.  Go see Gretchen for more Christmas memories.
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  1. Loved reading about your first Christmas with Nick - and so nice that despite the "bad" things happening that led to it, you still have fond memories of that first Christmas with him & his family :)

  2. Look at what BABIES you were!! I love that what started out as a Christmas disaster, turned out as a favorite memory!

    You are linked!!

  3. What a lovely ending to a not so great start. And the pictures are great!

  4. aw what a beautiful story and wonderful memories

  5. awww I love it! Its great that something so great came from a bad situation!

  6. aw, how sweet! love the pictures and the Charlie Brown tree!

  7. Awwwww! That is so sweet Nick's family stepped up - you obviously picked a keeper, family and all! ;) You guys have such baby faces in the pictures! :)

    Once Upon a Christmas Past...

  8. Your step-dad sounds horrid! But what a nice Christmas that turned out to be!

  9. Wow your step-dad! What a "caring" guy. But it sounds like it ended up being perfect in the end.


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