Monday, December 3, 2012

Firewood, Laundry, and Friends

So this last weekend was productive.  We are all set for cold weather--if it ever gets cold here.
Friday night Nick sharpened his chainsaw and gassed up the truck for his trip to the mountains to get firewood Saturday morning.  He posted an update to Facebook and got a response from an old friend who offered to go up with him and let Nick use his trailer to get wood.  Nick was thrilled to get a chance to get all the wood we needed in one fell swoop and to spend time with this friend.  We got about 1 and half cords of wood--6-8 foot logs--in about three hours.

I got to get the grocery shopping done, laundry started, and Bruiser got Turbo's present.  Then when they got back from the mountains I got to help move wood--the stove cut lengths into a stack that wasn't in the driveway.
Stacked by the garage, lovely, warmth making wood.

Saturday afternoon the boys went to Papa and Nana's to make a ginger bread house.  They also wrapped a couple of present to pt under the tree there.  Just a bit of torture for the boys in that they have to wait until Christmas eve to open them. Saturday evening a couple of friends form out of town came down to visit and we headed out to see them.
Sunday we made some sausage--pork/antelope mix.  It was really tasty.  Nick was very excited that it tasted good.  We have a bit of refinement to make on the recipe but we have a great start.
After everyone got dressed and bundled up, we went outside and moved more wood.  We got all the logs cut up and moved out of the driveway.  We have three good piles of wood, some split and some ready to be split.  Bring on the cold and snow.
Yes, bikes are in the way, but we do use them--until the snow and ice drive us off the streets.  Really, look at the wood split and stacked!
Another stack of wood waiting to be split.

Next weekend will be busy: a trip with my mom, a trip to the mountains for a Christmas tree--the permit is on the fridge right now--and then decorating said tree.
So how was your weekned?  Busy, productive, relaxing?  All three?


  1. We keep meaning to have a fire in our pit but the nights haven't been as cold as a couple weeks ago. I love a good fire.

  2. I remember having to go up in the woods and get fire wood. I hated it!

  3. yep more childhood flashbacks here thinking living in FL is good

  4. I know all about stacking wood ... we have ours piled high. Love having a real fire place


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