Friday, November 30, 2012

I Got Confessions

Friday is finally here and I couldn't be happier.  Well I could, if work wasn't a requirement.  But moving on, going home time will be here soon enough.  For now it's time to confess.

  • It's laundry dancing time again.
  • I need to do a bit better this time.
  • I sort of left the towels to wait for almost a week last time.
  • I got all the clothes washed, dried, folded and put away.
  • Just not the towels.
  • Stupid things wouldn't shut up about it either.
  • We are not putting up a Christmas tree this weekend.
  • Nick is heading up to the mountains for fire wood.
  • We need firewood, but I had been hoping we would go after a Christmas tree.
  • We will go next weekend.
  • A small part of me is a bit disappointed, but I'll deal with it and we'll do it next weekend.
  • I hate fractions.
  • Turbo is learning fractions in school.
  • This means we get to push, force, guide him though the homework.
  • I hated fractions when I had to learn them and I hate them now trying to help Turbo with them.
  • I think I'm ready to haul out the Christmas videos.
  • The countdown starts tomorrow at our house.
  • Christmas is coming!
So what do you have to confess?  Do tell and feel a bit better going into the weekend. Link up with Aubrey at High Heeled Love and see what everyone else is confessing.



  1. I did all my laundry, but half is sitting in the dryer, half folded in the basket, but still not put away. Could I get any more lazy? Eeep!

    We aren't getting our tree til next week and I'm so anxious to get it! I can't wait to have that Christmas tree smell in the house. :-)

  2. Don't feel bad about no Christmas Tree yet - it really does kind of feel like everyone's getting ready way early this year, getting one on Dec. 8th or 9th is not late at all!

    And... I hate fractions too. Never did get them.

    Happy Friday :)

  3. We will probably wait another week or two to get our tree also.

  4. That darn Laundry strikes again, yeowza!

    Fractions are hard.

    Good luck with the Christmas countdown and have a great weekend!

  5. OMG I hate math and fractions are a nightmare. No envy here!

  6. Fractions are what nightmares are made of. If I had to take a math class now I would absolutely pay someone to take it for me. Thankfully Irishman is good at math. He can force the kids to do it :D

  7. We're doing triple number multiplication. Like 439 x 230. That crap is a pain!

  8. i remember as a kid having to go get fire wood have to say don't miss that chore

  9. Fractions are awful!

    Yay for Christmas movies!


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