Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm confessing...Again

So it's Friday and this one is truly the best day of the week.  I don't have to go to work today.  No instead, I'm spending the day with four cute guys.
But before we get into that, let's confess:

  • First, the guys I'm spending the day with, yeah, they're all nine years old.  
  • Cute, but not necessarily my preferred people to spend the day with.
  • Turbo has a field trip to the state museum in Cheyenne.
  • An hour on a bus with 30 fourth graders.
  • Think of me.
  • Wine will be necessary tonight.
  • If Nick remembers to go check out our family pictures, we get them tomorrow.
  • It's laundry weekend.
  • I don't really like laundry.
  • Who does?  But really, I'd rather spend the day reading.
  • That won't happen.
  • Not with three guys who seem to think they need my attention.
  • They do, but there are times when I wish they needed less of it.
  • I'm going Black Friday shopping next weekend.
  • With a friend, which is the best way to go.
So that about does it.  My conscience is clear.  Go confess with Audrey at High Heeled Love.  She's hosting while Mamarazzi is taking time to regroup at her blog.


  1. Hope your survive the field trip!

  2. Oh i will say a prayer for you on that field trip lol
    I hate laundry too.. why isnt there a fold my laundry button yet??

  3. I remember those field trips. Yes, wine will needed tonight.

    We will be finishing up the settle-in process. I'm hoping to get the car in the garage by Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck.

  4. I hope that you find that wine tonight. I'd like a class but we have a race in the morning...I don't think I want to risk feeling yucky.

    Thanks for playing along. The linky is live on my blog this month. Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. will send chocolate and wine been there and done that a bus full of fourth graders


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