Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend--Now That Was a Weekend

I had a fabulous Thanksgiving break. It was busy, family filled, productive and relaxing.  That's a lot to stick into a weekend, but since it was a nice long weekend, what we did was just about right.
I took Wednesday off to be home with the boys.  We lazed around, ran some errands, and I cooked/baked some goodies for Thanksgiving and then went swimming with our cousins.  After swimming, we went over to their house for a snack kind of dinner and to just hang out.  It was a very nice evening.
Thursday started early as we had to put our turkey on the grill.  It turned out fantastic, even if the grill did blow out at one point, due to the lovely wind we had.  We had a friend over for a while to enjoy some of the turkey and a glass of wine.  After Bruiser's nap we went to Nick's folk's house and had dinner.  It was nice.  They did all the work for a Turkey dinner and all we had to do was show up.
I got up at O'dark thirty to go brave the crowds for some shopping with a friend.  The crowds weren't that bad, except at Kohl's and since there was nothing there we really needed, we didn't need to stand in the ridiculous lines.  I got some good deals and we really only have a bit of shopping to do for the boys and we are ready for Christmas.
Saturday turned into an action movie marathon.  We watched The Expendables, both one and two, Red, Mission Impossible, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  We were going to watch True Lies, but couldn't find it.  All in all it was a fun day.  I fit puzzles, the boys hung out, Turbo had a friend show up for a while, we snacked, and had a relaxing time.  With the minor exception of Turbo getting totally fed up with his brother.  Who knew a three year old could so effectively drive a nine year old up the wall.
Sunday the boys went to Papa and Nana's to make cookies and Nick and I went and wandered around Walmart, Murdocks, and Albertson's.  We shopped for the boys a bit, shopped for us a bit, and got steaks for our dinner--we both needed red meat after all the turkey.
When we got home, Nick and I started on the next big project we have planned.  The house we live in has no coat closet.  We are going to fix this, but first we have to clear out the room we plan on putting it in.  the fish tank has lived in that room for years.  We moved it into the living room yesterday.  After moving it we shifted just about everything in the front room around.  Played musical furniture, and have something we can live with until the Christmas break.  That's when we will get to move a few things and get going on the closet.
I am so looking forward to having a place to put coats, jackets, gloves, hats, all the outdoor wear that accumulates in a colder climate.  It's all going to have a home.
So, all in all, it was a great break.  I sure could use another one, oh right, just four weeks until we get winter break. Now to survive the time between now and then.
How was your Thanksgiving?  Good, bad, ugly or just so-so?  


  1. Look I've never had a Thanksgiving myself but your whole weekends sounds really good. So glad you had a great time

  2. My break actually felt long enough, surprisingly. Sounds like you had a good time!

  3. Ours was busy busy busy with a little lazy thrown in for laughs. So, basically a lot like yours.

  4. I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!! I love movie marathons...I need one. LOL


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