Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Thanks-Week 1

Since it's November, and I keep seeing the thanks people are giving all over Facebook, and blogs and such, I thought I'd do a once a week thanks thing leading up to Thanksgiving.  It's good to remind yourself what you have to be thankful for.
Today I'm thankful for my family.  Nick, Turbo, Bruiser, my mom, Nick's folks, cousins here in town, and also for the "family" we have made out of friends.
First up is Nick. I love him so much, but what is even better is that he truly is my best friend.  He's smart, kind, patient, fun, occasionally frustrating, creative and very handy to have around.  He is a wonderful Dad to both boys and I very much appreciate him.
Turbo and Bruiser.  Turbo is fascinated by Legos and all things Lego.  He is also very into video games.  He loves to go camping, four wheeling, and play outside with nerf or lazer tag.  I can get him to read on occasion--he loves the Bone books.  It cute when he plays Candy Land with his brother.  Bruiser is stubborn.  He likes Ninjago, monster trucks, drawing, Cars, anything his big brother does and being outside.  He loves helping Dad.  They are bother wonderful boys and I am thankful to be their mother.
My mom.  As frustrating as she is I love her and appreciate her every day.  She takes good care of Bruiser while I am at work.  She is creative and helpful, even if there are some strings attached to what she does for us.  She can drive me straight up the wall with an off hand comment, Moms are good at that.
Nick's folks.  I was oh so very lucky that my in-laws were good people.  They accepted me into the family and there has never been friction of the in-law sort from them.  Nick's dad can be as frustrating as my mom, but he is so good with and to our boys.  They are wonderful grandparents and it is nice (most of the time) that they live close by.
The unconventional Family. There is a cousin of Nick's that has kids close in age to ours and we get along with them well-they are more like friends than family.  We get together regularly with them and a good time is had by everyone.  It's nice to have family that can be close enough to be friends too.
Friends who are honorary family.  We have several of these.  I am not close to my brother, so we have made honorary uncles out of a couple of Nick's friends.  I have a friends that is an honorary aunt to the boys too.  Some of these live in town but some live out of town. We still see them regularly.  With smaller families and the distance that can come with the mobility we have these days, you have to make family where you can.
I am so thankful for all the family we have--both by blood and by friendship.
Are you thankful for your family--frustrating, loving, wonderful family?


  1. I am VERY thankful for my family! My extended ones, as well as my small little family :-)

  2. I give thanks for my family every day! We may drive each other crazy sometimes (and I totally hear what you're saying about your mother! lol) - but they're the ones who have been there for me during the worst times, and I love knowing that they'll be there for me when I need them.

  3. i'm slso thankful for my family especially a husband who has stood by me through a lot of rough times and serious medical issues it is awesome to know he won't flee

  4. love this!! My brother and I are no longer close and he was so important to my oldest son and it breaks my heart that he doesnt even call him, I may just have to make him an honorary uncle :))

  5. Yes. Family is the best, whether you are related by blood or not. Some of my closest "family" members aren't really family, but feel like it!

    You are linked.


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