Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spin Cycle--Disaster! (Or Just Plain Bad Luck)

The Spin Cycle is all about disaster, in honor of the disaster that was Sandy.  What kind of disaster have you lived through--fire, flood, famine, hurricane, earthquakes, volcano, blizzard, what's you disaster of choice?  Or do you disasters run more to mundane sort?
My disasters are of the less spectacular kind.  And they tend to run in threes.  Back in 2010 we had a run of back luck that bordered on disaster.  It all started in May of 2010 when we had a one-two-three run of bad health luck that started with Turbo needing to have five teeth pulled.  Bruiser fell into a coffee table and got his head glued back together and Nick broke his ankle, which required him to wear a lovely air cast boot thingy for 6 weeks.
We thought we were done with the bad luck, but no.  The Thursday before Memorial Day weekend our water heater became a waterfall.   Literally, water was coming out of the top and splashing on the floor. What we didn't know was that it had been leaking for a while.  We had water everywhere.  I ahd quite a bit of laundry to do as we had storage shelves in our bedroom and everything on the floor had soaked up water.
We had to replace the water heater that weekend (up side, we got a bigger one that heats the water far better).  Not exactly our preferred way to spend a holiday weekend.
We hoped that would be the end of our bad luck, but evidently it really liked hanging around our house because two weeks later my mom called me at work. She told me that there was water all over the floor in the kitchen and that the refrigerator didn't seem all that cold.  We went home and checked it out and found that the fridge compressor had given up the ghost.  A new refrigerator was necessary as replacing the compressor was almost as expensive.  A brand new shiny refrigerator showed up on Saturday.
The third in the disaster realm (although minor really) was when Nick's truck had an electrical problem that needed fixing.  It was minor, but enough to take to the electrical mechanic for fixing. We were pretty over the costly run of bad luck we had been gifted with.  The bad luck fairy could just go bother another family for a while.
There, two sets of three disasters that hit us in 2010.  Things really do come in threes.  I wish sometimes they didn't. Go see Gretchen for more disaster spins.
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  1. Oh man, they did come in threes, didn't they! I HATE having to replace appliances, but it is nice having fabulous new ones, isn't it?

    I'll have you linked in a couple of hours!

  2. It does seem disaster likes to strike in 3's, doesn't it?
    I think the only big "natural disaster" I've ever endured was an ice storm our area was hit with in '97. But for some reason, I remember it as more of a fun time than anything (we camped in the living room in sleeping bags, cooked all our food on the BBQ, and listened to the battery-powered radio for a week while the power was out.) - I'm sure for the grown-ups it was a stressful time, but for me it just meant a week off from school! haha!

  3. It's so true! I've always said that so once 2 bad things happen I start dreading what is going to happen next


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