Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Talking Tuesday

We survived the Thanksgiving holiday.  Now Christmas has thrown up all over the TV and several houses in town, even the grandparents.  We are resisting until this weekend.
  • Hopefully we can head to the mountains for a tree.  It's a nice outing with the boys.  This year there isn't much snow up there yet, so the trip should be an easy one.
  • I have caught a cold.  Or maybe it's the flu.  All I know is that I feel like poop.  It's really not fair.  It could be worse, I could have gotten sick last week before the holiday.
  • The season of gimme has started. The boys want everything remotely boy oriented that they see on TV.  It really doesn't give us any good ideas on what to give them.
  • I'm almost ready to watch the Christmas movies we like.  Almost.  We did watch Frosty with Bruiser on Friday night.  He thought it was awesome.  It's almost more fun to watch him watch them than it is to watch them ourselves.
  • And the potty training goes on with Bruiser. And on and on and on.  I keep hoping that one day it will just click with him, but so far no luck.  It's a process, and there is hope in the fact that few kids have to have their diapers changed in kindergarten.  Maybe he'll get it and that will be my Christmas gift from him.  A mom can hope, right?
  • Bruiser has taken to scream/crying at anything he doesn't like.  It's enough to make you want to sell him to the gypsies.  But I don't think event hey would take him.  He's also telling us that he's not happy about a lot of things, especially when things don't go his way.  It's so hard to be firm, not give in, and not yell back at him. 
  • Why is it kids learn the buttons to push so early and push them so effectively?
  • Turbo on the other hand is doing pretty good right now.  He is having normal kid stuff but doing OK at the attitiude.  Of course with Christmas looming, he's trying really hard to be good for Santa. (Even though he knows who Santa is--on threats of no gifts for "non believers" he's professing belief.  The kid is no dummy and really wants his presents.  Greed is working in our favor right now.)
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Seriously Shawn


  1. O shame, hope you feel better soon!

    I'm fiding this a great time of the year to get the kids to behave, Santa is a great motivator :)

    It is so cool that you can go cut down your own tree!

  2. I'm sorry you're sick, what a terrible time to be down. Feel better soon.

    I think TV should be banned from all children from November 1st through December 25th. They always want all of the stupid crap and then never use it, what a waste!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I have my decorations up, but I'm still holding out on the Christmas movies... but making my list of favourites today has me itching to start watching them! I just love this time of year.

    I asked my nephew (he's 7) the other day what he wants for Christmas, and he was like, "Oh, I don't know. Santa can bring me whatever he wants, I guess. Everytime I show Mommy something I want, she says, 'No! Santa won't bring you that!' So I'll just let him get me what he wants." I thought it was too cute (and then gave my sister a lecture on shooting him down on everything he wants! ha!)

    Feel better soon :)

  4. My oldest wants every thing on every commercial but as we learned from removing all his toys, he's in it more for the collection. We're giving sparingly this year and we'll see how it plays out. He IS getting a tablet, however.

  5. I'm sorry you feel like poop! :(

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Sprite is also asking for everything she sees. Makes me too tired to even think about it!

  7. aw, I hope you feel better soon. Hehe, sell him to the gypsies. Aww, poor kid. He'll get the hang of that potty eventually. Hang in there!

  8. I thought my husband could piss me off quickly. Then I had a baby who is now three and he's got nothing on her. Nothing. Hang in there. Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Would highly recommend especially with potty training. Good luck. That's so tiring.


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