Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Counting Me Down

I'm borrowing this from Kenzie at Life and Lemons.  She borrowed it from someone else.  These things do tend to make the rounds.
It's a count down all about me.  Here goes:
Five things I can't live without:

  1. My husband, Nick.  He's my rock.
  2. Turbo, my oldest.  He's quirky and fun and frustrating.
  3. Bruiser, my youngest.  Interesting, fun, delightful, frustrating.
  4. Books.  In any form, paper or on my Kindle.
  5. Chocolate.
Four things that terrify me:
  1. Spiders
  2. Insects, especially flying, buzzing, stinging kinds.
  3. Large social situations.
  4. Public speaking
Three things that annoy me:
  1. Drivers who go less than the speed limit in the mistaken belief that they are safer if they drive slowly.
  2. Migraines.
  3. Insomnia
Two things I'm working on:
  1. Exercise, regularly during the week.
  2. Meal planning.
One thing I'm grateful for:
  1. Weekends, even if they are too short.
There you have it, a countdown of me.  Not wildly exciting, but then excitement gets old after a while.
In other news we have snow today.  5-6 inches with more coming down.  White Christmas here we come.


  1. Nice! I totally stole this too. Hope you get the snow you want.

  2. your top 5 things sound like mine.. hubby, kids, CHOCOLATE, & something to entertain me :)

  3. Considering that I was unable to kill the giant spider at my house in the spring, I guess I'd have to list them as one of my biggest fears, too! lol!

    Oh man, do I ever envy your snow! I'm so hopeful that our weather reports are right and we get lots on Friday!

  4. I'm definitely with you about the bad insects and the slow drivers! Best of luck with the drivers during the snow...ick.

    I hope your upcoming weekend is filled with family, books, and chocolate! :)

  5. love the countdown especially the chocolate and books totally agree.

  6. Oh so there with you and the slow drivers! And meal planning- I really should add that to my goals for next year I used to do it :)

  7. Ah I hate snow! That's the best part of living in the South!

  8. Love this count down and am totally stealing. :) Looks like we'll have a white Christmas too - finally - and I'm really looking forward to the storm coming in! Ugh.. And insomnia.. I am so with you on that one, thus I'm commenting on your blog at 3:21am. Great post. Thanks. :)


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