Friday, December 21, 2012

Review Extravaganza-July to September

Week Three of the Review Extravaganza.  July, august and September.  Very eventful months for us.

We redid our Kitchen floor.
I had a random post on things of a summer nature.
we enjoyed the fourth of July in town.
Nick had a reunion and there was a parade.
We had a birthday dinner for my mom that was probably less than successful.
This month was dominated by our trip to Michigan.  We went by train rather than try to drive. It was marvelous.  But before we went we had a nice day riding bikes.
Nick and I had our 14th anniversary.
We began the Kitchen remodel.
I got to recap the summer.
Toes in the sand.
We finished the kitchen remodel.
We rearranged Turbo's room and then Bruiser's room
I talked about my issues with exercise.
September was a short month that was pretty much all about home stuff.  A good month though.
My beautiful new kitchen.

Next week is the final review.  Be sure to check back for all the holiday fun.


  1. You all did a fantastic job on the kitchen.

  2. Looks like you took some really nice trips!

  3. i still can't get over how amazing your kitchen looks

  4. I've always wanted to take a train trip! How fun!

  5. Your kitchen looks awesome. I can't wait until we're able to remodel ours.

  6. I love your new kitchen! And I love that you did it yourselves, so it really is just what you wanted. And hey, remodeling counts as exercise! ;)

  7. So jealous you got your kitchen remodeled! We want to do ours but aren't sure if we want to invest the money because we're not sure how long we'll actually stay in this house (watch we'll be here 50 years)... and congrats on the 14th anniversary!

  8. I loved the toes in the sand picture!

  9. Love your kitchen redo! That sounded like a big project but totally worth it. I have always wanted to take the train cross country- I think my kids would love it but for a sleeper car the prices aren't that much better than flying, I was surprised and it takes a lot longer--but we still may someday as it would be fun.

    Great recap! Merry Christmas!


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