Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Tuesday

Made it through Monday.  Now on to Tuesday!  Let's go with the random:
  • I had two moles removed from my back yesterday.  They were the raised kind and they are much better gone. 
  • I am sort of frustrated with Blogger.  Yesterday I went to upload pictures and it would let me.  Said I had reached my photo storage limit.  And wanted me to pay a monthly fee to store more.  And this is supposed to be a free blogging site?  I found a work around, but it takes more time.  Stupid blogger.  However, I am comfortable here and don't really want to move to another platform.  That's a big ol' pain and I don't want to deal with it.  Hopefully, they will fix the problem.
  • I recommended Portable North Pole last year.  I'm recommending it again this year--especially if you have younger kids--although older kids might get a kick out of it too.  Turbo thought it was cool, even though he knows who "Santa" is. Bruiser was fascinated and answered questions that Santa asked and it was really magic for him.  Really, go check it out and make a video from Santa for your littles.
  • And the potty merry-go-round is still spinning.  We don't spend nearly enough time on the winning side.  One of these days he's going to get it.  I keep hoping.
  • I get to defrost a freezer tonight.  My mom comes and helps.  It's a process, but since the freezer in our basement is old, it frosts up lots.  So we get the fun and wet of defrosting it.
  • Christmas has yet to really hit our house.  This weekend is going to be the big decorating push.  Nick may put lights out--if Turbo helps.  We are getting a tree and well, by Monday it should look like a nice Yuletide home.  We try hard to not let it look like Santa came and threw up all over our yard.
  • I can't wear head bands.  They give me a head ache.  It's sad because head bands are an easy hair style.
Well that's all the random I can come up with this week.  Go see Stacy for more random.
And go see Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday.  No rules, just a fun linky.

Seriously Shawn


  1. I have a raised mole on my back I've had since birth - I'd really like to get it removed so I don't have to worry. :)

    Blogger has a limit for photos? Sheesh, glad I didn't stick around to encounter that. Though there are benefits of Blogger that I wish I had with self-hosted Wordpress. Like GFC. I miss GFC and my 2000 followers faces. :)

    I did videos again for both Princess Nagger and Little Dude from PNP - they both loved it. I know PN knows that I'm Santa, but she's humoring me and playing along. :)

    Maybe your potty training will turn into a Christmas Miracle and he'll 'get it' by then. ;)

    I need to defrost our basement freezer, too - think your mom would come help me? :)

    I can't wear headbands for the same reason - headache inducing. If you find any that don't do that, let me know - I'll do the same. :)

    Chicago Fire’s Fake Plane Crash, Christmas Shopping, Lego Minecraft Shortage, Pony Fun, Unconventional Cards – RTT Rebel

  2. I wore headbands for quite a while then got tired of them. I'm quite lazy about my hair though.

  3. You are the second person I have heard mention something about the stupid photo limits. What gives? No way am I paying that!

  4. I hate raised moles-glad you got those suckers taken care of. I want one removed that is as big as a pencil eraser, but the dermatologist said the scar would be just as bad. I tend to disagree.

    aw I hope it gets easier for the potty training. I have these high hopes of teaching my infant-HA! Wouldn't that be amazing? ;-)

    Enjoy your tree! We just got ours yesterday and I'm decking it out today!

  5. knock on wood I haven't encounter the photo issue yet but now i'm scared and glad to hear the mole removal went well

  6. Do you use Windows as your operating system? I've been using Windows Live Writer for a year or so now as my blogging platform - it links to my Blogger account, but so much easier to upload pictures, etc. The only problem I have found thus far is that if you need to do anything in HTML, it doesn't work with Live Writer. Just Google it if you're interested, you can try it out. :)

    Enjoy your decorating this weekend! I love sitting down at night with the twinkling lights and some candles lit. Feels so festive!

  7. I wear headbands all the time but before I do I stretch them out. It really helps.

    Just keep in mind that the chances that Bruiser will go to kindergarten in diapers is very slim. He'll get with the program once he figures out all the other kids his age are doing it. Sometimes it takes a healthy dose of competition. Of course, none of that helps with the frustration level you are feeling.

  8. I've been writing on blogger for almost 5 years and never encountered and issue with photo space, but I always compress my photo using Microsoft Office Picture manager, or I build a collage using PicMonkey and save it at the medium file size setting. Hope this helps.

  9. My kids are super obsessed with Santa. I'm going to check out that link now :)

  10. My nine year old still loves PNP!

  11. I did that last year and my son loved it :)

    We havent "Christmasfied" our house yet either hopefully tomorrow LOL :)

  12. I can't wear headbands, either!

    Sorry about the up and down potty training. I know that it can be frustrating.

    I need to go see someone about a mole on my back--thanks for the reminder!

  13. Good luck with the defrosting!

    So going to see if I can do a video ... thanks for the link to PNP

  14. Ugh, I have to defrost our freezer before I can fill it up with holiday goodies. What a chore!


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