Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Arrives

Well actually, there's quite a while until Christmas, but at least it looks like Christmas here at our house.
This last weekend was a nice mix of relaxing and family time. We didn't accomplish a whole lot, but we enjoyed doing what we did.
Friday night, we really just relaxed after a long week.  We ordered chinese food and watched I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown.  A good way to wind down after a surprisingly hectic week.
Saturday morning I picked up my mom and we headed out of town to do some shopping.  I didn't really get that much, but Mom found some of the things she was looking for and we had a nice time.  The drive home was not so fun due to the weather getting bad and icing the roads.  We made it home without incident, but it was slow going at times.
Saturday eveing we had a graduation party for the girl who has been an intern for Nick.  The kids ran around like idiots, made friends with the kids who were there and didn't want to go home.  So all in all a good time.
Sunday morning dawned cold--about 3 degrees of cold.  But after a trip to the grocery store, we bundled up the troops and headed to the mountain.  A Christmas tree was needed.  We found a really nice one not too far from the road, cut it down and were able to head home.
The only glitch was that I thought Nick had grabbed Bruiser's coat and he thought I had grabbed it.  We managed to get to the mountain without a coat for him.  Turbo had brought a hoodie to wear under his coat and we hijacked it so Bruiser could wear it. It worked OK since we weren't out for very long.  Both boys enjoyed hot cocoa on the way home.
Sunday evening we decorated the tree.  It looks great.  The boys had a ball putting on ornaments.  Nick even hung a few.  We put stockings in the windows and there are plan to put lights outside, once it warms up a bit.
In progress

Turbo hanging the bells.
Decorating is serious business.
A lovely tree.


  1. Yikes! That is cold! And beautiful tree :-)

  2. awww its so cute! I wish it would get a little cold here its been in the 70-80s

  3. We put our tree up also, though we didn't go out to cut it down. There is just no place like that in Houston. Looks like fun.

  4. Okay, totally off topic, I LOVE your tree skirt!!!

  5. looks good! glad yall had such a fun time picking out and decorating the tree!

    i've been enjoying hot cocoa allll weekend! my favorite.

  6. Your tree looks great! I hope you enjoyed the Christmassy weekend :)

  7. I wish we had just a wee bit of that cold; it got into the high 70s here and humid. Blah!

  8. Wait....was it 3 degrees out there?! Holy cats! Your boys are hearty, for sure. Good job on the Christmas relax and enjoy some of that cocoa, yourself. :)


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