Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's Get a Little Bit Random

So after making it through what was most definitely a very Monday Monday, it's now Tuesday and time to get all random.
  • Last night Turbo spent the night with Grandma.  She had her annual batch of trail mix to make and she like Turbo to help.  It get's mighty quiet when there one boy missing from the mix.
  • We got more snow last night.  No a lot, but hey, more snow is more snow.  I like snow.  Makes it all white and seasonal looking outside. I really do prefer it when we get the weather we are supposed to when the season calls for it.
  • We are moving into a brand new building at work.  Literally a brand new building--so new that they aren't quite finished with the lab areas.  I get a decent office, better than what I thought originally I'd get.  But since the moving process starts Friday (maybe Thursday) things are disheveled at the office right now.  Thursday might be a work from home day.
  • After our cold snap, I'm so glad we got firewood when we did. A cozy fire makes those very cold nights easier to deal with.
  • Now that we have a tree up, I need to start wrapping things.  This will help me get organized on what we have and what we still need to get.
  • I like the Science channel show Oddities.  It's weird, but interesting.  Some of the side show stuff they've shown I can't watch, but I do like watching most of it.
  • Bruiser is still watching the PNP Santa video.  He loves it.
  • I think we are going to have to make the effort to get to the Hobbit in the theater this winter.  I need to find a sitter for Bruiser, but the rest of us would enjoy it.
  • Last week Turbo's school had try outs for the talent show.  Turbo and a couple friends came up with a comedy sketch/song thing (we think) and they got into the show.  We get to go watch the show next week.
  • In other Turbo news, he had a wonderful report card--the best he's ever had.  He's been working hard at school this year and it's showing.  His teacher is really got his number and is able to get lots of work out of him.
That's about it for my random.  Go see Stacy for other random.
And Shawn and Impulsive had Talk To Us Tuesday--no rules just link up what you got for a post.
Seriously Shawn


  1. eek! snow! ahhh i really hope we don't get any. i know it's weird i don't like snow but i'm just so cold natured! i need to get on wrapping presents, too. i still have several i have to get....

  2. I can't wait to go to the theatre over the holidays - so many great movies coming out! I'm hoping to drag my mom to see Les Mis.

    I haven't started wrapping yet either...but it's my favourite Christmas activity, so I like to leave it sort-of last minutey! haha!

  3. I love when seasons happen when they're supposed to. I wish we had snow here. I wish for it every Christmas!

  4. I feel you on the weather thing, its been 70 a few days here and it makes it hard to feel Christmasy when you have on flip flops!

  5. We have a movie theater in our house (I know - obnoxious) so we never go to a real theater but the hubs and I both agree we're going to have to make it out to see The Hobbit. We want to see it in 3D. Looks like it'll be quite the ride!

  6. after a week of 80s weather we are finally getting a cold front I doubt we will see snow but its starting to actually feel like winter now. I have yet to wrap a present Ive got to get on that. Aww I bet the talent show is going to be amazing <3

  7. Wow! Turbo took the initiative to tryout for the show? It's usually pulling teeth to get boys up on stage! He will have a blast.

    I am not too keen on snow, because I have less than fond memories of shoveling it. I do agree about the weather matching the seasons!

    We are hitting the Hobbit on Friday--wish us luck!

  8. Isn't it weird how QUIET it is when there's only one boy??


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