Monday, December 17, 2012

Unexpected Weekend

Parts of this last weekend were unexpected, others were totally expected.
It all started last weekend when we went to get in the truck to head up after our Christmas tree.  Turbo did not fit in the back seat of our extended cab.  Nick had to move the driver's seat forward so Turbo could fit and then Nick we getting all kind of friendly with the steering wheel.  This really brought it home to Nick that we were going to need a bigger truck sooner rather than later.
So Nick spent his spare time last week checking out truck prices and choking over most of them.  By Friday, he had been excited, frustrated, and finally discouraged.  We left work early and went to look for shoes for me, didn't find any that I liked and then since we were close to a dealership, Nick decided why not go just look.
We test drove a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 WT.  It was a nice truck, but the bare bones model.  And it was white.  Not a huge fan of white for a truck we are taking to the mountains and that is going to get dirty. Nick called the dealership the next morning and told them we were interested in that type of truck, but if we were going to go new, we wanted a different color.  And we wanted some time to come up with some money to go with the trade-in.
About two hours later the used car guy up there called back and said they had a 2010 truck that was just what we were looking for--a bit nicer actually--would we be interested in looking at it.  Nick said sure.
About the time we headed out to look at it, it started to snow.  We always seem to buy our trucks in bad weather.
The upshot of all of this is that we have a shiny new crew cab Chevy Silverado 2500 LT sitting in our drive way.  Definitely did not expect that to happen.

The expected part of our weekend was the visit by the cousins.  The kids had a fabulous time.  Movies were watched, popcorn eaten, secrets told, toys played with and fun times had.  It was a good time for everyone.

Sunday was consumed with finishing laundry and getting ahead of the dishes.  We also wrapped presents.  Our tree had been looking sadly empty, with only a few gifts under it.  Now there are several,and we have plans to add a few more--already wrapped. but not under the tree yet.  Bruiser has been checking to see what he has under the tree.  It cute that he can identify the first letter of his name and he knows those presents are for him.


  1. Our tree is sadly empty, but there is no way I'm putting gifts down there :-) God knows what Aubrey would do to them!

  2. That's so nice!
    I wish we could afford something...anything. LOL

  3. Nice truck! Having the cousins that a tradition or a 1-time thing? Looks very cozy!


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