Friday, December 7, 2012

Review Extravaganza-January to March

So there this big review extravaganza going on and there are several lovely hosts:

This frst review--anturally--is about January, February and March:
I made some promises to my self, instead of resolutions.
We started the year long process of potty training Bruiser.
I got nominated for Most Fascinating Education Blog.
Bruiser turned three.
Otherwise January was fairly uneventful.

I shared my rib recipe.
The microwave tried to kill me.
Valentine's Day was less than romantic.
The boys got haircuts and Nick brewed beer.

I talked about my phobias.
I talked about my hair.
We had a trip out of town for a Spring Break Road Trip.

There was lots of complaining about cabin fever, weather, and general blahness in all three months.  But then, here, the first three mnonths of the year are kinda blah anyway.

Now go see the lovely hosts and link up your own recap of the year.


  1. Hmm...I might need to do this. Sounds fun!

  2. Yes, sadly January especially gets kind of a bad rep! I like the whole promises thing vs resolutions. no one ever seems to keep resolutions... and home brewed beer? cool!

  3. That is really creepy about the microwave!

  4. Oh I would have screamed if the microwave did that too. I am dreading potty training Ryder. And yes I agree I like the idea of promises- seems much more like I would actually do them.
    Thank you so much for recapping with us.

  5. We had a scary couple incidences with my SILs microwave yesterday! We both screamed. A couple times.

  6. I meant to do this this year! I still have time so I'm on it now...

  7. Great recap of the first part of the year.. I must say I am also afraid of bugs-- any kind-- I was sitting at my desk and kept hearing this tapping sound that was starting to piss me off-- thought it was my coworker in his cube on the other side of the wall- until .... I stretched and looked up and there were about 4 crickets in the light fixture-- stuck, dying-- it was horrifying!

  8. Did you scrapbook this year? I haven't even organized pictures into an album since Easter. It's going to take forever! Also I'm with ya on the bugs. I have my exterminators cell phone number and I call every single time I see anything.

  9. your spring break looked fun!

    check out this post and let me know which charity i should donate to this month... i will donate $1 for your comment!


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