Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dreaded Exercise

I am sore.  Not as sore as I thought I'd be, but definitely sore. and in places I didn't think would get so sore.  I am also not sore in places I should be. See, I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I have done level one twice now.
I really wish there was the option to watch the video as a first time viewer and then as a seasoned viewer.  After I have done the routine a couple times, I really don't need all the explanation. I just need motivating talk and encouragement to keep going. (And I really wish she would keep doing the exercises.  She less motivating when she doesn't do the exercises herself as long as she demands from us.  Personal irritation.)
She really likes to hear herself talk.  I really want to tell her to shut up and just exercise after about 15 minutes.
I have found I hate jumping jacks.  After a couple kids and kidney stones, well, the plumbing has a leak or two. But only when doing jumping jacks. Yeah, so that's fun.
I suppose, in the long run this will be good for me.  Although I don't think I'm going to be able to do this daily for 30 days.  Life gets in the way too much.  I'm aiming for 3-4 days a week. Or as often as I can.
I also got Zumba Core for the Xbox.  I still need to try it out.  I'm hoping that I can use that for some exercise this winter. 
Anyone got any other exercise routines that you do regularly--that I can do at home, indoors?  Our weather will be limiting us to indoor activities soon. It's already too dark to run in the mornings.
I will keep telling myself that exercise is fun and should be part of my day.  My body does not believe me, but I'm going to keep saying it until it does.


  1. If you keep telling yourself you like it, you'll eventually believe it. Trust me! This is coming from a former couch potato!! ;)

    I totally agree with everything you said about 30 Day Shred - the talking, the fact that she doesn't do all of the exercises, how I wish there was a different setting for non-beginners... I don't do the DVD very often though, only as a switch-up every now and then, so I live with her.

    I hope you like the Zumba work-out! I LOVE Zumba! :)

  2. Yay you! Most of my exercise comes from hiking thru the pines, up n' down hills around the mountains. Sounds great but I definitely need more. Maybe I should try Zumba. :) I couldn't stand a moment with Jillian Michaels unless the volume was turned down. You're right, she likes to hear herself talk. Congratulations. Keep up the phenomenal work!

  3. I like yoga and circuit training with light weights.

  4. I hate jumping jacks. I don't leak, but it definitely hurts all those organs, especially my still tender c scar. Glad you're working out though! The endorphins are worth it, I promise!


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