Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Letter To the Boys

I found this link on Kensie's blog, but the original link was on Sarah's blog Our Journey.  It's Flash Forward Fun.  This week it a letter to your kids in the future.  Sounded fun, so here goes:

Dear Turbo - You are our first.  The one we made mistakes with, grew with and really figured out this parenting thing with.  You have given us some of our best moments and some of our worst. Know that we love every inch of you.  Your creativity, quirky sense of humor and genuine love for those around you make you very special.  Never lose that.
For now, though, let's take a few guesses on what you'll be like in the future...

Food Preferences: I hope you will end up loving food as much as your dad does.  you will probably be able to put away as much as he did when he was your age.

Studying/Profession: You have always expressed interest in the sciences.  Which ever one you choose, I know you will give it your all and be the best you can be at it.

Children: I really hope you do, you will make a wonderful father.

Sports: A state champion swimmer and possibly cross country skier. but you enjoyed the school plays you were in and enjoyed band too.

Settle Down: where ever life takes you, hopefully someplace fun to visit.

Tattoos/Piercings: not going to say no, express yourself , but remember, you do need to be presentable for work.

Personality: A total extrovert that is everyone's friend.  Fun to be around and if not the life of the party, definitely a necessary component to the fun.

Dogs or Cats?: Dog.

Republican/Democrat: A moderate with Republican leanings, mostly because that's what we are.

Grades: Solid average--B with As in subjects you enjoy.

Height and Weight at 18: 6'3" and 150.  Tall and skinny.   You're headed that way now.

Grow up to be yourself, no matter what the crowd seems to want.  Be strong and be kind.
Love you!

Dear Bruiser - You are and always will be my baby.  As the youngest, you have had to work to differentiate yourself from your older brother.  You are most definitely your own person. Stubborn, determined, fun to be with and sweet. Know that your parents love you for you and always be yourself.
For now, though, mom has a few guesses on what you'll be like in the future...

Food Preferences:You are going to be a bit pickier, you are right now, but hopefully as you grow you will try new things, there's some really good food out there, trust me. You will probably be able to pack it away like your dad and older brother.  I have scary memories of the teen years.

Studying/Profession: Totally up in the air right now--you're not even 5 yet.  Going with your interests, superhero? Not a really viable career path, but you never know.

Children: Yep, kids, cause you'd be great with them.

Sports: you love your sports.  I'm going with football and basketball, maybe wrestling, baseball.  You do love the ball sports. You also loved the choir and band as well.

Settle Down: Close to home, far away, either as long as you're happy.

Tattoos/Piercings: Same goes for you as for Turbo.

Personality: More the introvert like your mom.  You gauge the gathering and then dive in.  You will have a few really good friends, but not be the life of the party.  That's OK.  Being an introvert is great.

Dogs or Cats?Dogs, duh! 

Republican/Democrat: Moderate with conservative leanings.  We are and that rubs off.

Grades: School came easy to you and you excelled.

Height and Weight at 18: 6'1" and 170, built solid from the ground up.

It's been fun watching you grow into who you are today.  I really love you and hope you have a great life.  I also really hope you are close to your brother and that you always know you have someone to rely on there.

Love you!


  1. Thanks for joining us friend! I think it's funny we both put "dogs, duh!"! And loos like Drew and Bruiser will be about the same size. :)

  2. What a cool thing to do - will be neat to look back on in 20 years to see if Mama's instincts on these were right! (I'm betting they are!!)

  3. That's so awesome. Loved these letters. I hope you're printing them out to give to the boys a bazillion years from now. :)


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