Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

So it's Tuesday.  Time to random things up.

  • Sandy is shaking things up back east. We have family in Brooklyn and so far they are OK.
  • I am in potty training hell.  Bruiser is not getting it.  He would be happy if he never had to poop.  He is very unhappy about the fact that pooping is something he has to do practically daily.  He is not really getting the whole bodily function necessity thing.
  • Sometimes there are evenings that just demand wine.  Dealing with Bruiser has given me a lot of wine evenings.
  • Oh hey, snowman!

  • One week to go and the elections will eliminate the political ads.  It can't come soon enough.  I'm so sick of the mudslinging and he did and he said and he didn't do and he didn't say.  It's all so negative.
  • Woo hoo the time change is this weekend. We get our hour back.
  • Insomnia is a nasty, nasty thing.  Either I can't get to sleep, or it wants my company at 2:30am.  I'm less than sympathetic to it's issues.
  • Bruiser has discovered Candy Land.  He calls it Candy Cane.  He loves it.  It's cute.  Sort of.  Until I actually win a game and he doesn't.
So what's your random?  Go share it with Stacy and random it up!
Shawn and Impulsive are hosting Talk To Us Tuesday.  No rules, just link up anything.
Seriously Shawn


  1. We were playing Candy Land the other night and I got sent all the way back to the beginning with a candy card and Elliot says, "It's ok, mom. At least you get to eat that treat." But then, when the same thing happened to him, he was done playing. LOL. Tough break!

  2. O the joys of insomnia ... I feel for you ...been there done that, have several t-shirts

  3. I so agree. There are days where wine is an absolute necessity. Sadly, yesterday was one of those days for me.

  4. Chutes and Ladders SUCKS sometimes...Candyland reminds me of that...anyway, the game can last forever and if I win? Holy crap.

  5. Girl, I'm all kinds of freaked out that this baby boy will be hard to potty train. I didn't deal well when Emma was pooping herself and it only lasted a short period of time. I'm so sorry that you're struggling. I wish someone would make a magic pill or something!

  6. i agree with you about the political ads so tire of them and happy to say i got my voting done early so i'm done and got my opinion recorded. sorry that Bruiser is being so stubborn.

  7. So cool that you guys had enough snow already to make a snowman!! I can't wait for winter!!

    Have you seen that Adam Sandler movie, Big Daddy? The little boy plays the game "I Win" because no matter what happens, he always wins. My nephew is the exact same... I guess all little ones are! I used to let him get away with it, but not anymore. Now sometimes Auntie wins. He never takes it well. lol


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