Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spin Cycle--Fall is in the Air

The Spin Cycle is all about Fall, or autumn.  Fall is a favorite season of mine--it promises cooler weather, a return to cooking and baking, colorful leaves, the smell of wood smoke in the air.
It's a beautiful time of year. The one season I look forward to while missing the one that passed.  In our neck of the woods the transition to fall is more gentle that the other transitions.  Winter gives up slowly, spring is short, and summer, well, it goes by so fast because of all the fun we have that we don't get to enjoy it like we should.  But fall, well this time of year is for savoring. Although we do end up with snow more often than not by Halloween.
This was last year.  I don't think it will be long this year.

Baking holds appeal, tea once again sounds good at night, I like cooking again.  We set up for the long winter and it's nice seeing the fall leaves, even if all we really get here are golds and a few oranges.  Red is not a fall color around here so much.
The smells associated with fall are some of my favorites.  The dry small of the falling leaves, woodsmoke from wood stoves, the smell of apples, baking anything.  Pumpkin anything--pie, bread, candles, the smell says fall.
A day in the mountains--two years ago.

I also enjoy the crisp sound of crunching through the fallen leaves.  Not a huge fan of raking them, but love walking through them.  I also like riding my bike over crunchy leaves.  I never jumped in piles of leaves as a kid, so walking through them is good enough.  Besides, there's usually unmentionable things (like dog poop) that gets raked up with the leaves and who wants to jump in that?
So what do you like about fall?  Spin it up and join the fun of the Spin Cycle with Gretchen.
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  1. I envy your more dramatic fall. And I completely identify with the return to the kitchen - I'm suddenly baking again. And tea! I've missed my little cuppa.

    You are linked!!

  2. i love fall, too. i hate that it gets cold. i am so cold natured. i do love everything that happens in the next couple of months. the state fair, festivals, halloween, thanksgiving, fall events, and of course christmastime. definintely october november and december are my fav months and time of year..just not the weather. lord i really don't know if i could handle getting snow right now! that's crazy!

    oh and i am sucker for crunching leaves. i'll go out of my way just to crunch the crunchiest looking leaf!

  3. Loving fall so much right now! We've had beautiful colour in our leaves, and they're just starting to fall. I love the crunch. I'm also enjoying lots of tea, and getting the itch to cook & bake again! I'm craving a big pot of chili...mmm!

    Love that picture of you & your family :)

  4. We never actually have a winter so fall is as good as we get. Some of the leaves fall and it is a little cooler in the morning.

  5. I love fall because we get a break in the heat for a while

  6. I love that I can cook and bake again without worrying about heating up the kitchen! And you are so right about the smells Fall brings.

  7. I love the smells associated with fall, too!

  8. Sometimes we get snow by halloween too! I love Fall!

  9. I'm a summer girl at hear but I do think that fall is as pretty as it can get.

    I just don't like getting cold and wet. But everything else is lovely.


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