Monday, October 22, 2012

About Friday Night...

OK, so now that it's Monday it's time to get back into the groove.  Not so easy because Nick is out of town for work, Turbo is home from school today, and I got to do babysitting drop off and wrangle Turbo all by myself.  Monday came too soon.  But the weekend was fantastic.
So Friday I was so excited that Nick and I were going to get to go out with out kids--they were staying over at my mom's house.  We dropped them off and headed to a local establishment and had a cocktail and appetizer.

Then we headed to another dinner place and had a mediocre dinner.  Nick was appalled at the price of only a burger--$7 for only a burger, no sides. I had ordered poutine and he had half of that, but he was unimpressed. It didn't help that the burger was not that big either.  My poutine was pretty good though.

After we finished dinner, we went and rented a couple movies and got a bottle of wine.  We were close to a bar that serves a shot that they call Copper's Poppers.  They taste sort of like a Bloody Mary shot, but smoother and better.  We each had one and them headed home.  Once there we decided that a trip to the local bar was in order, after all it was not even 8 yet.  We had another drink in the 4th establishment of the evening and then headed home for good.
We settled into comfy clothes and watched Rock of Ages.  And we both loved it.  We cranked the stereo and sang along with songs we knew, which was most of them, laughed at the campy parts, called some of what would happen.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  So worth the rental.  I know it has Tom Cruise in it but we still loved it.
The next morning Nick and I headed to Cheyenne to get the rest of the tile we need for the basement, a light for under Turbo's bed, and a reciprocating saw that Nick has been drooling over since he saw the one his cousin had.  It was a bit of early Christmas--it's hard for me to get tools for Nick, I always pick the wrong thing.
We also hit Bed bath and beyond, doing a bit of dreaming and window shopping and on impulse, for Nick's folks, we got some initialed towels.  It was their 40th anniversary on Sunday.  They were thrilled with the towels.  Nick gets good ideas sometimes.
After we got home we picked up the boys and I started laundry.  The rest of the weekend was mundane stuff and nothing really exciting. Friday was just what Nick and I needed.  Fun times being adult, but we both felt sore and out of it on Saturday.  I think we need to work our way up to hitting the town like that.  I'd say we painted the town a lovely shade of pink, not quite red, but better than beige.
And for a Monday morning, I did get a fantastic sunrise.  Nice thing about the sunrise right now, it is coming after 7:30 so I don't really ahve to get up early to enjoy it.
How was your weekend?


  1. sounds like a wonderful night out all for the price of the hamburger which was a little much

  2. Love evenings that turn out to be fun and relaxing.

  3. Sounds like a great date night!
    What's poutine?

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great night! That poutine looks delish... mmm, one of my favourites!!

    I can't wait to see Rock of Ages. I've heard mixed reviews, but I predict I'm going to love it!

  5. Wow- what a fun (and long!) date night! :D
    How wonderful that you had a set time to enjoy each other's company, with so much activity as well. A Copper's Popper sounds delish (I've always wanted to like Bloody Mary's, but I can't drink more than a little bit because...well...cold tomato juice. Ick).

  6. See, going home would have been dangerous for me. Alcohol and comfy clothes on the couch = asleep Nain and irritated T that I'm asleep :-)


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