Monday, October 1, 2012

Quiet Weekend

We had a very quiet weekend. Friday evening we relaxed after our day in the field.  We had a couple of beers and sort of pretended we had dinner.  Our day in the field was fun and hey, we weren't sitting in front of the computer, so that was good.

Saturday, Nick wanted a day to do nothing.  So we had no plans.  We went to the grocery store and then hit  Murdocks so Nick could get himself new shoes.  He found some that he liked, and since getting him to shop is never fun, I call it a victory.  I took a very long nap. Nick packaged up the antelope he got with his boss.  We need to fill a couple more tags this month, but it was nice to only have one animal to process.
Saturday night Turbo had an impromptu sleep over and Nick spent the night in the attic with Bruiser. Bruiser was thrilled to get to sleep up there.
Sunday I helped a friend/family move a foosball table that she had gotten her husband for his birthday.  And then we headed to Cheyenne for Hermit crab supplies.  We needed to get them a heater, and more food and a replacement crab for Ferb, who died a couple weeks ago.  The new addition is called Hermie for now.
We also decided what we are doing with the basement where Nick had taken out the hearth around the wood stove back in June. I'm sort of resigned to keeping the sectional upstairs.  I get my two chairs back upstairs though.  In the basement, we are going with a tile floor around the wood stove and a cork floor in the rest of the family room, with a large nice area rug as well.
Overall, we had a nice quiet weekend.  Nothing exciting, but in it's own way quite satisfactory.  Sometimes you need those slow down weekends.  How was your weekend?  Filled with wild excitement or more on the quiet side like ours?


  1. quiet weekends are sometimes my most favorite kind of weekend! mine was a little quiet, i had plans with friends and family all weekend and took several naps. :)

  2. Sounds relaxing. My husband is the same way about shopping. Once he's there, he usually finds something but convincing him to go is never fun.

  3. sounds like a lovely weekend. Please tell me you don't actually eat antelope not that i haven't tried it just wasn't impressed with it.

  4. Nothing exciting at our place. Mostly, just household chores.

  5. It sounds so nice!! Shoe shopping is something I have to MAKE the hubs do...he actually uses gorilla glue and duct tape before he'll go!

  6. Mmm, that does sound far more relaxing than my weekend of craziness... I'm hoping this coming weekend will bring a little more peace!! ;)

  7. Slow weekends like that are awesome. Ours was great until the end of Sunday. I think I want a redo :-)


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