Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Traditions

I know we are headed into a season of big family traditions.  The holidays seem filled with them.  Thinking about those got me thinking about the little things we do standard around our house that could be considered traditions.
Ever since Turbo was little I have put him to bed with the saying "Good night, Sleep tight, No bad dreams".  I couldn't bring myself to say don't let the bedbugs bite.  I didn't want to leave him with the thought that bugs could be in his bed.  Now it really has meaning what with the bedbug epidemic that has happened in recent years.  I still say it to him when I put him to bed.  I also say it to Bruiser.

Good night
Sleep tight,
No bad dreams.

It's a fitting thing for bed time.

Another small tradition we have is to have the kids do a snow dance before it's supposed to snow.  It's a silly made up dance that I started with Turbo when he was two.  It tends to be a spin, wiggle wiggle, jump jump, twist twist, wiggle, spin. Or something along those lines.  It works.  It usually snows when they do the dance (mom and dad are very good at looking at the weather report and having them dance when it will have results).  It's a way to make snow storms fun.  It really worked on the last snow storm--7-8 inches worth of working.

It's the small things that make a family.  These things aren't big but they are the things that will stick with our boys when they are grown up.  It will be interesting to see if they have their kids do a snow dance or say the same thing to them when they put them to bed. That would make me smile and remember them when they were little.

What does your family do that are special to you? Just little things that could be considered traditions? Or big things oriented to the holidays?  So, do you tradition?

Oh and Happy Halloween!  Be safe and have fun on this most spooky and fun holiday!


  1. Hmm, this one actually made me think. I guess one of them is that every year, for each of their birthdays, my husband makes a video of pictures I took throughout the year and he carefully chooses the overlay song. We watch it at each birthday but also, whenever the kids want to see pics of themselves, which they love. I pretty much cry every time; lol.

  2. My parents did all kinds of little things that stick out in my mind as being "traditions" that I loved... Pancakes every Saturday morning (which eventually we learned to make ourselves)... My mom always tucked us in with a "Nighty night, sleep tight" too... and woke us up with "Rise & Shine!!" (I hated that as I got older! haha!) ...Saturday trips to the dump with my dad & uncle, with a stop at the treat store on the way home... Sunday afternoon drives. All warm my heart to think of them :)

  3. i do the saying "sleep tight~don't let the bed bug bites~but if they do hit them with a shoe"

    Happy Halloween to the family

  4. I also say night night sleep tight ... and then the kids say don't let the bed bugs bite ...

    Happy Halloween!

  5. I am ALL about the family traditions! I love that you have a snow dance for the kiddos. :)

    In our family, it's waffle or pancake Sundays, everyone gets a gift from "Santa" each Christmas (still), we have specific Christmas day traditions (eggs benedict and mimosas for brekkie, then opening stockings, then cooking dinner together), and when I say goodnight to my parents it's "have a good night, sleep well, check on me a lot, see you in the morning"...stemming from a night when I was 9 and scared to sleep and used each line as a reason to get out of bed and come see them.

  6. I love the little things that are just going to be great memories...above anything you could buy or take them to!


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