Friday, October 5, 2012

Confessions for Friday

It's Friday! Finally!  I really love this day of the week. I get to confess and it means that the weekend starts at going home time.  Really the best time of the week.  So on to the confessions:

  • The sicks are running through our house.  First Turbo, then Bruiser, then me, then Nick and now Turbo again.  
  • I really hope it's not going to go around again.
  • The laundry is taunting me again.
  • So is the living room floor.
  • It's time to give the washer a work out and dance with the vacuum again.
  • I don't like laundry.
  • I don't really know anyone who likes laundry.
  • I like clean clothes though.
  • Since they have yet to develop self cleaning clothes, Laundry is a necessary evil.
  • We have an 80% chance of 2-4 inches of snow tonight.
  • It's supposed to be in the 60s again by Thursday, but snow is normal early in October.
  • It has been cold here the last couple of days though.
  • I have definite urges for baking this weekend and chili sounds awfully good for dinner.
  • Or maybe stew.
  • I exercised in my living room three days this week.
  • I need to get some variety though.
  • I can see myself getting bored quickly.
  • These confessions are kinda dull.
  • We aren't doing much exciting stuff right now.
  • Some weeks are like that.
  • Especially when you have to be a grown up.
So what are you confessing?  Write it up, link it up Audrey, she's standing in for Mamarazzi.


  1. Mmmm, beef stew sounds like a great thing to make in the cold; if we ever got any!

  2. I cannot believe you might get snow!! Wow! We are just getting into mild day-time temps (like 80 today).

    I made beef stew this week. I love it!

  3. I have about 5 videos that I change up so I don't get bored. I can't say it really works but I keep at it.

  4. Snow?? Oh, I am so not ready for that yet...

  5. You just made me shudder with the word snow. Ugh!

    Baking and chili sounds really good; please bring some by my house when you're done. =)

    I'm with you about getting bored working out. If you do Pinterest, I have a whole board of various workout ideas to help mix it up.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional! Have a fabulous weekend.


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