Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Randomish Tuesday

So it's Tuesday.  And not Monday anymore, although yesterday wasn't all that bad for a Monday. Except for the stress of dealing with two boys with no buffer.  We all survived.
Anyway, on to the random:

  • The boy are both rockers. They will air guitar with the best of them.  Bruiser has a pretty decent head bang too. We are so proud.
  • I colored my hair again.  I like it.  It's dark and curly:
Not the best picture, but not the worst either.

  • The boys have decided on their Halloween costumes.  We have a pair of ninjas.  they each look different, but they are both ninjas.  And quite happy with the choice.
  • Two weeks til the election and then no more political ads.  I can't wait.
  • Nick comes home tomorrow.  Hopefully after this he won't need to go out of town for a while.  And maybe next time I will be going too.  It will take some baby sitting coordination but I think we can manage it.
  • Potty Boot Camp Project Bare Tushie starts today.  With any luck Bruiser will have pooping down pat by next Thursday.  He's going to be bare butted until then, except for excursions out of the house.  Wish us luck.  I'll admit he has the idea, but most definitely not the practice.  
  • I have brownish bananas on my counter.  Time for banana bread.  After swim lessons tonight, I think banana bread is in order.
  • Our first winter storm is heading our way.  We could get significant amounts of the white stuff.  I'm almost looking forward to it, as long as Nick can get home.
  • I had to laugh.  Last night we were listening to Poison in the kitchen while I did dishes and cleaned up from dinner and Bruiser asked if we could listen to it again in the morning.  He wanted Grandma to hear the great music too.  I had to tell him that the music we were listening to was most definitely not to Grandma's taste--she didn't like it when I listened to it in high school, she sure wasn't going to like it now.
  • My mom also doesn't like the fact that I color my hair.  She just can't get used to her "blond" daughter being a brunette.  Even though my hair color for the last few years has been far from blond.  At most it was a light brown.  Still rebelling after all these years.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. It got cool over the weekend and I was really thankful; I think snow would be nice though because I could make all these stews and chilis I keep thinking about.

  2. air guitar is awesome and head banging is a true skill be proud

  3. It's been chilly here on and off. It depends on the sun. If it's out, not so chilly, if it's not out, chilly. I like chilly. We were in Egypt and Israel 3 weeks ago (yeah, I'll be blogging about that soon!) and it was 8 million degrees. I thought I was going to melt. Actually, Egypt wasn't so bad, but Israel nearly killed us all. How people live there is beyond me. Blech. Give me cool or even cold.
    I've been dying my hair since I was...13 or so. It frequently changes shades or even colors. I'm currently sort of auburn, but it's been blond and red at varying times. I think the color suits you!
    Good luck with potty training. I do NOT look forward to doing that again!

  4. haha! Sounds like our mothers are a lot alike - she hated my music when I lived at home (and still thinks I listen to it too loud, and hates most of my favourites) AND she detests it when I dye my hair dark!

    You look great with the dark curls :)

    And good luck with potty boot camp!! I'm sure he'll get it down by next week!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for politics to be over! Everyone is so offensive, no matter what side they're on! 2 more weeks!

    I like your hair too! I need to color mine, I'm tired of my boring natural brown. lol

    You are awesome, thanks for always being a great bloggy buddy!

  6. Ninjas! That's cute. :) Well, not cute, I guess they don't wanna be "cute" huh? But not gross. Does that make sense?
    LOVE the hair!

  7. I'm with you, I'm ready for the political stuff to be over. I'm kind of tired of all the badgering. If they spent more time actually talking about their good qualities and doing something good to make more good qualities, we'd have a winner on our hands. You know as opposed to badgering each other.

    And Ninja's, very cool!

  8. I agree... no more political BS.
    Diggin' the darker hair.
    Awwww who doesn't like a little hair band music.

  9. Winter storm? No!!!

    And I love the new hair color - very cute and very fall!

  10. I can't wait for the election to be over so I can like all of my FB friends again. Best of luck with the potty training. Stopping by from TTUT.

  11. I think that the hair color looks great with your skin!

  12. Your hair looks lovely! :) I'm contemplating coloring mine.

    Glad you and the boys survived! Happy Tuesday!

  13. Just to let you know, my brilliant oldest boy took a long time to poop on the potty. For such a happy to please kid he sure was resisant to that concept. But if you ever mention that I said that I will deny it. :-)

  14. I heard it takes higher IQ kids much longer to get the whole potty training down - something about menial tasks not interesting them and their smart brains. Which means you have a genius on your hands. ;) Good luck!

    I love that both boys are going to be Ninjas - PN might change her mind and want to be one, too if I say that out loud, so we'll keep that between us, m'kay? ;) Can't wait to see pictures! :)

    Love the new curly color 'do! It suits you! :)

    I think it's funny that your mom doesn't 'approve' of you coloring your hair - and you're still rebelling. That is one of the many reasons I love you so! :)

    Halloween Costume Plans, Warrior Cats vs. Angry Birds Birthday and more: RTT Rebel

  15. Is your hair naturally curly? Do you dye your eyebrows? Good luck with potty camp. We are not doing well at our house ...

  16. I love Bruiser for wanting Grandma to listen to Poison!

    PS. I like the brown

  17. Almost a year ago I dyed my hair brown too. I think after about 4-5 weeks it starts to lighten again. It was nice to not worry about highlights for a year. But now I got them again. Anyway, I wanted to say that it looks good, and if you ever want to compare notes, I think our moms are alike. Mine reacted the same way when she saw my darker hair and couldn't stop talking about how it was blond when I was younger--way to fixated on when I was younger (= when she had more control over me).
    Hope you hubby gets home soon. I have to fly to SLC and then drive to Idaho next week and I hope there is no snow cuz I will freak out and swerve off the road.

  18. You rebel you! I like the dark hair! It suits you! I've tried going dark once. It lasted about 4 days. My hair pretty such looks the same as it did in high school. M likes it long and I kinda like it short but I keep it long and straight for him. Sooo boring.

    Anyway, good luck with Operation Poop. I'll be thinking of you! =)

    Thanks for linking up!! xoxo

  19. Wow! Your first winter storm? I am a little bit jealous as it is an unseasonably warm 80 here today!


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